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Feb 14, 2018
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Hello! I have been lurking for a few months and have finally decided to ask about my strange symptoms so I can finallly put this to rest.

I have had all over twitching for about 4 years, mostly in my calves and feet but often in other parts of my body. Of course, I googled this back then and ALS was one of the first issues listed in my search. I freaked out about this for about 4 months and then mentioned this symptom at my yearly physical. Doctor disregarded my symptoms so I did too. I still twitched from time to time and just ignored it.

Fast forward to September 2017 and that while talking at work, my front teeth began to "hit", if you will. For example, while saying "S", "Ch", or "T" sounds, my front teeth hit, which is quite startling. Because of this, I believe I have started to slur some words to avoid this collision. I went to see my dentist to see if my bite was off and he as baffled by my problem. Told me to try and ignore it and maybe it will sort itself out. He reminded me that people come in and have their entire smile redone and quickly learn to speak with their new teeth.

Unfortunately, this never went away and has gotten slightly worse. The hitting has become more frequent and because of this, it is harder to speak without slurring my words. I have an appointment with an orthodontist to check my bite next month per my dentist recommendation.

The twitches are happening again of course, mostly because of my anxiety of this. I have learned out minds can be very powerful.

I will only post once (promise) to finally clear my head of this. Does this sound like bulbar ALS to anyone? My gut says no, and I am crazy to think this, but my mind will often wander and assume the worst.
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No, it does not, full stop. But it does sound like you could use some help.

In addition to the orthodontist consult, a good move, I would consider massage with an MT with a neuromuscular specialty, and bodywork that elongates the muscles, e.g. Pilates, ballet, tai chi, and of course since the mind is as powerful as you point out, re-evaluate sleep, stress, daily exercise, hydration, nutrition and all that jazz. These are all forces that can render your mind's follies less potent.

Thank you so much, Laurie. I am so glad this does not sound like ALS.

I see a massage therapist at work every once in a while and have never mentioned this to her. I will
ask her to refer me to someone.
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