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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
Lets make this the official post for birthdays. Margo's is today so happy birthday dear.
I also posted somewhere else how to add your birthday or event in the calendar column so get to work if you want to be recognized.
Happy Birthday, Margo. Blessings to you.
Hugs and prayers, Leah
Marlo, sorry entered wrong name, couldn't edit my post for some reason.
Today is Mike 27's birthday. Many more to come I hope. AL.
Happy Birthday Mike

I hope you have a great one. Happy birthday. Throw everything to the wind and party man.
Cool idea Al I just posted my birthday. I think it was horse and buggy days.
Hey Al I checked the calendar and your birthday isn't on there unless you are using another alias. Where did you post it? AL. P.
oops messed up again

I thought I added it to Sept 22 when I turn 60, but message came up said it had to be approved. Think I was in the wrong place probably, as usual. DUH!
I put it in for you. Wasn't sure if 60 was this year or next so left that out. Hope that's OK.
Happy Birthday to JoeJoe. Al and the staff.
Thanks again AL

Yes 60 is this year.....or was it 49?
Thanks for putting that in for me. No telling what button I pushed when I tried to put it in. Finger muscles are taking on a life of their own. Hope the grass cutting went ok, no run away mowers or anything.

I bought me a new fancy riding lawn mower to replace the one that had no brakes. Been trying to build up nerve to use it. Grass is only 3 feet tall in spots now so maybe I can wait a little longer till it really needs it.

New mower has a flat deck so can slide right onto it from wheelchair....and probably off the other side haha.

Cotton picking grandkids finally found out most people get paid for the fun of cutting grass, so much for free labor. Now they want $30 for a half hour job. If I wait long enough another hurricane like Katrina will cut it for me anyhow, maybe.

Oh well have a great day and try not to do anything I wouldn't do, which pretty much leaves everything open.

God Bless
My dad is 92 on sept 3 and he still lives in his own place and my sister who's 68 cuts his grass because he won't pay kids to do it. Sounds like your place too. He did come up with a novel idea to get his grass cut for free though. He figures if he throws in a crop of marijuana the cops will come cut it down for free. Silly old bugger or Genius?
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