BIPAP causes Ear ache?

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Dec 12, 2006
October 2006
I started having an ear ache on Wednesday. The BIPAP seems to irritate it when the 'higher' pressure turns on. Has anyone else experienced this?

So I'm wondering whether it is caused by the BIPAP or the irritation is normal when you have an ear ache while using a BIPAP.

The only comparable thing my husband has experienced is pain in the ear on using the Lung Volume Recruitment (the Ambu bag). At the time he was diagnosed as having labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear) which eventually resolved itself. But we were careful to use very low pressures when using the LVR as it increases the pressure in the eustachian tube (which connects the middle ear to the throat). But the LVR delivers a good deal more pressure than the Bipap.

It seems logical that if you already have middle ear problems the increase in pressure with the Bipap could irritate things. My husband didn't have a problem with the Bipap during that time.
Have you tried taking a decongestant Jim? I had an earache with a cold a while back but didn't notice more pain on Bipap.
A quick update... I spoke with my respirtory therapist. He confirmed that a BIPAP can aggrevate an ear ache. He told me that a humidifier would help alleviate the problem.

While on the subject of Bipaps . . . the most recent mask my husband used caused persistent skin breakdown over the bridge of the nose . . . and began leaking every night. The leakage most probably because he has lost so much weight the contours of his face have changed. Yesterday, because the skin could not tolerate more abuse, we got a new mask that does not touch his nose at all and, for the first time for ages, we had a night without noise. The new mask is a ResMed Mirage Liberty:
Thanks for that timely information. I've been having trouble with mine and thought I'd have to go to nose pillows. This new mask looks like it would suite me fine. I talked to my dealer 2 weeks ago and they never mentioned it. I'll check back with them. Thanks.
If you try the ResMed Liberty, Al, you might find that the nose pillows tend to slip out of the nose during the night, especially if the nose is moist.

I'm trying a small adaptation which is working so far.

I've cut a strip of thick 'Polar fleece' (from the scrap bag!) 3/4 of an inch wide and 7.5 inches long and sewn a tiny piece of loop velcro on either end. I've stuck a tiny piece of hook velcro that has the glue on the back onto the base of each of the flat side pieces that come down the cheek bones and attach to the top of the mask. (i.e. the velcro is just by the attachment to the mask, on the outside, obviously.)

Once I've got the mask onto my husband's face and the nose pillows in the nose I tuck the polar fleece strip under the side pieces and attach it to the outside. The polar fleece strip then curves around the flanges of the nose pieces and over the end of the nose. It gently keeps the nose pillows in place.
Another creative solution from our resident craft expert! I need to make one of these for my machine. You don't by any chance have a photo to upload,do you? I am a visual person! thanks, Cindy
I'll put a couple of photos on a new thread, Cindy. I think that's the only way I can attach photos
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