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Mar 9, 2005
Hi, i am new. i have just learn that my dad (also my best friend) has als. he is only 55 years old. my father and i get along great. i do not know if the feelings insides are normal or not. i cry alot, do not sleep and wanting to be away from public. we live in a small town, and everyone ask me how my dad is doing. should i lie and say great, or say he is going to die? i am also a mother of 2 (girl 4, son 3) and a very supportted husband. my girl ask her grandpa all the time why he has no muscle in His arms. how do you explain to a 4 year old. i am just wondering if other people are dealing with the same.

Hi stacy, welcome to our site...of course we wisH you didn't Have to be Here. but, tHis is a great group witH lots of support, wHicH you are going to need. my personal opinion is tHat you sHould not lie and say everytHing is alrigHt because you need, and will need, tHe support of your friends and neigHbors as tHis moves along. i would suggest talking witH your dad and coming up witH a tackful way to let people know wHat's going on. as you can see from reading tHrougH tHe forum, everyone is going to react to tHe news differently but you're going to need tHe support. my Husband Has been Having problems for about a year and opted to not tell anyone (except for one close couple we're friends witH). tHis Has been Hard, at least for me because i am more tHe outgoing kind and it's frustrating not to be "real" to tHe people around me, particularly neigHbors, and cHurcH friends. tHis is just my opinion, and you will Have to find wHat works best for you and your dad. but, i definitely encourage you to stick around Here. me
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