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Sep 12, 2006
I am thinking about going ahead and ordering a bidet, I need all the info. anyone can give me on this, I know they are expensive so I want to make sure I make the right choice. We are getting ready to redo the bathroom, do we need to raise the toilet?
I know this seems kinda personal, but I have never had to deal with these issues and I know I can count on the people of this forum for the right advise. Thank You in advance.
I don't know about anyone else but it's kinda hard to start all the remodeling, but it's what we have to do to make life a little easier for us. Rhonda
We have been fortunate enough to be able to borrow a bidet from our ALS Society. It is a Jasmine washlet S300 made by Toto. One of its big advantages is that the remote control is a square pad that doesn't have to be fixed anywhere. So it is easy to use and very adaptable.

I don't think the washlets are truly paperless, the drier doesn't really dry but that's a minor issue.

The Jasmine is, I think, top-of-the-line. It's very neat-looking and the warm seat is a great plus!

I would say you definitely need to raise the toilet. You cannot use a (portable) raised toilet seat with the washlet. We put a 'Toilevator' under our toilet.

This turned out to be a big improvement over the raised toilet seat because you can lift the seat as normal (which you can't do with a portable raised toilet seat) and make a bigger 'target' for a man to urinate into!

However if you either now or in the future need to use a commode over the toilet then I'm not sure that it would fit with both the Toilevator and the Washlet. But I have not tried that yet.

You do need an appropriate power outlet within 3 feet of the Washlet.

We also put in a wheelchair accessible vanity and a pocket door to allow for better access.

You can check out both the Washlet and the Toilevator on the 'net.
A correction to my previous message . . . whether or not you need to raise the toilet would depend partly on your leg length.
Is anyone familier with the Brondell Swash 600
We found a supplier in the Atlanta area that carries the Brondell Swash 600, so we are going there Monday and check it out. I googled it and in comparison to the toto they
are about the same, it said they just fit more toilets than the toto. I will let you know more about it once I get it. Rhonda
I just thought I would let everyone know that my ALS Clinic was able to purchase a bidet
for me and they purchased the toto. Thank God they could do it. We just got the bid
on our bathroom remodeling and it is not cheap. I am so THANKFUL that we have a clinic that can help with purchases like that. I tell everyone I know if you want to make donations make them to ALS clinics and MDA that helps support our clinics. I just wanted to share some good news. Rhonda
Good news Rhonda that you'll now have a daisy fresh butt. On a serious note though here in Canada 60% of the money raised from our Walk for ALS goes to the Equipment Pool which finances purchases such as this. I hope everyone will support the Walk in their community.
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