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Jan 3, 2007
Just letting you know that from now on I choose to remain as an observer as my contributions to this forum seem to have caused some controversy.

Anna -

Best wishes to you and your brother. Maybe you could keep sending jokes under a pseudonym? :)

dear anna sorry to hear that I enjoy your post they are informing I believe we should know whatevers out there no matter what Ill do anything to get better and if it doesnt work so what I have nothing to loss pat

My name is Michael and I am relatively new to this site. I am sorry to hear that you will not be participating in any of the forum discussions anymore. As I read the posts to the forum topics it has become increasingly obvious that some of the individuals here are gifted with an incredible amount of knowledge and insight. However, they were not gifted with a whole lot of tact when dealing with people that they don't know. Being inept in this area, sometimes causes people to feel that they need to respond to anything and everything. Please don't be offended by their comments, they know not what they do as being wrong. I would recommend though, that when you have a problem with one individual or two, that you send them a private message to discuss it privately rather than in the open forum. Which is a practice we should all follow. 8)

It reminds me of when a man pulled up in front of my house and asked me for directions. He was nice and asked politely so I stepped up to the car and told him the directions, which was basically just around the corner. Another neighbor immediately stepped up to the car when I was through and told the man that when you go around the corner watch out for the crack in the road and the little fluffy dog that barks a lot and not to drive too fast because there might be children playing and one of the children is a real bully but then when you get passed them you might want to roll up your Windows because there is a house that always plays their music too loud and I don't really like that kind of music anyway but once you get past the dip in the road you'll be okay.

Some individuals here are kind of like that, extremely helpful. So I encourage you to stick around, "The needs of the many far outweigh the brains of the few".

ALS is struggle enough,
Sincerely and respectfully,
Anna, I'm sorry to read that you feel the need to not participate. Sometimes people write from a place of emotion leading to, perhaps overly abrasive comments.
I'm guilty of it (more than once, I must say!:wink:), you're guilty of it, as are many others. it's no great sin, just something to keep in check.

I hope you change your mind.

Having said the above:
AlmasDaddy said:
"The needs of the many far outweigh the brains of the few".
That comment was uncalled for. You just got through lecturing about 'tact' and then write a comment insinuating that some members show a lack of intelligence? Might want to rethink that one...

Cheers all8)

1st, My direct and sincere apologies to you as you missed the point, and the fact that you missed the point is directly my fault for not explaining it properly, again my apologies.
2nd, Your comments were exactly what my point was meant to avoid.
3rd, My one or two sentence comments on "tact"certainly does not qualify as a lecture.
4th, You also missed the point about arguing privately, thus keeping the theme of the forum; support community for individuals affected by ALS/motor neuron disease. We encourage you to joined our support group and to share your experiences and motor neuron disease., help, care, support and friendships.....

The point that I wanted to make; I feel bad that a concerned caregiver feels compelled to not participate in the forum discussions. And whoever made her feel this way is wrong. There is a private message option for private comments and concerns related to a post. No matter how smart you are you don't need to prove it at someone else's expense.

and lastly, to everyone, let me again express my sincere apologies to anybody who felt or feels offended by my comments.
Hi Michael,
Well, I checked my PM and I didn't see a message...
Oh, and I didn't miss your point, I know exactly what you were saying.

That's all for me on this topic.

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