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Mar 30, 2007
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I have a question. Currently as many of you know i have not been diagnosed with als or anything yet thank god for that but still am concerned because of my symptoms. Anyways i was wondering where would be the best place to donate money to help research. i know here in massachusetts curt shilling has a place but i think his clinic is so far behind. I was thinking of mass general hospital clinic but is there one place that spreads the money out to help all the research sites. any suggestions would be great
Hi Steve,

While there are many great places to donate, my personal favorite is Augie's Quest. Augie made a deal with the MDA when he initially agreed to partner with them. Not only does he place deadlines on specific accomplishments like mapping the genome for PALS, but the MDA agreed that all money he raises will go directly to ALS research. Nothing deducted for administration.

I was thinking of donating to my local ALS chapter. But it will be interesting to see hwat others uggest. Cindy
Project ALS

I've been impressed with Project ALS as well as the local ALS chapter in my area.
As Mike already mentioned, Augie's Quest is a very good choice too.

What about the organization set up by the brothers of the guy featured in the movie
"Too Fast, Too Soon" or whatever it was titled, that was shown earlier this month.

I think it's smart to spend some time researching the organization before donating.
I got my company to donate to the Local ALS assn., to pay for 5-10plane tickets and 5-10 hotel rooms, so all the staff in the ALS assn here could go to Wash DC this may to lobby and meet with Senators and House Reps. I'm pretty sure every may is the ALS reguation renewal for SS?
Jamie-that is a GREAT idea! often people need so much hands-on help that we forget that our national policies have an impact too. Cindy
thanks for all the comment so far hopefully i will here more i was thinking about the mda/als site they seem to do alot. godd bless all of you with this and hopefully someday all our prays will be answer and a cure or something to prolong life will ahppen with all the support and donations
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