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Feb 15, 2023
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Actually, while I consider this [abuse of a PALS] a sad state of affairs, I see something similar happening even to well meaning CALS.

Sleep deprivation is a known method of torture. In addition, it generally will cause anger in the subject. Think about this: The needs of the PALS increase, CALS sleep time is decreased. As PALS needs increase, time available to CALS for ANY purpose decrease, This includes any type of self maintenance - forget any other type of activitity. Common results are anger, tired, weight loss, confusion,

Well meaning folks offer to show the CALS "how to" while the CALS is running out of time just to do the basics. It is not that the CALS does not have compassion for the PALS. Often, given the opportunity to think, the CALS is crushed to the core to see their significant other being worn away by this disease. All the things that go to support the PALS is being crushed and destroyed by outside forces manifesting the crush point on the CALS.

In a house, where anything and everything that is brought in by a volunteer or via a service, to include food, medication and everything else, I do get angry when I am woken up every 2 hours, then every 15 minuets to answer a phone call all the while trying to go to sleep and figure out how I am going to get a certain task accomplished. Wake up to the smell of bacon when you haven't had bacon except on a burger about a year ago/ Found out it cost me more to feed a contract caregiver than it cost to feed me!

So, "spouse abuse" can be seen both coming via directions
. More discussion is needed on this important topic
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