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Crooked Creek

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May 14, 2007
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Hi, I'm having a problem staying the right temperature throughout the night. I may be ok at first, but then I get cold by 5AM - was thinking that an electric blanked might be the solution to keep a constant temperature - has anyone tried it?
Hi Crooked Creek

I noticed that you haven't gotten an answer to your question, yet - sorry you had to wait.

My PALS gets cold feet - so we ordered a heated foot pad that goes under the sheets. Got it at Hammacher Schlemaker (sp?) by catalogue. She has used it for 3 years and loves it.

If your whole body gets cold - an electic blanket is a good idea. You can also buy heated mattress pads that are less warm - you can turn them on before you got to bed to warm up the bed. Or you can just turn it on at 5am when you feel a chill.

We have also seen heated throws (at Costco, and other places) that you might want to used if you get a chill while sitting around the house.

My experience is that we haven't found anything to keep you at a constant temp - have to turn the blankets on and off as you need them. Our experience is also the lighter weight the better - blankets make it hard for Pat to move. We no longer use a sheet - use a very light weight down blanket (from linens'n things) with the foot heater. Works both winter and summer (we are in a cold climate).

Good luck! Beth
I heard that you can buy or make some sort of blanket "foot tent" thing that keeps the heavy blankets off the feet. I suppose a cardboard box jying on its side- feet in-blankets on top, would do the trick. Me, I wear 2 pairs of wool socks since because I have lost muscle my feet are chilled to the bone all the time. I wear fleece PJ's and have a fleece blanket and that keeps the rest of me warm.

PS: I'd make sure the PAL is mobile before using an electric. Got a bad burn from not turning after a section became wedged under me. You could just check your PAL a couple of times in the night, though. Cindy
I too find that going to bed I'm warm but around 4-5 I wake up cold. I keep another blanket in the middle of the bed to pull over me. That's asuming that you can still pull it up over you. I've started to have trouble with that.
I've never used an electric blanket but I have used an electric mattress pad and I really liked that.

Vicki S
Hi Crooked Creek,

I Have the same trouble as CindyM, the loss of muscle and tissue in my feet cause them to be like frozensticks all day and all night! especially early in the morning also! I just that I was alone in this until I just read your post! I too wear socks to bed now but can't have the covers touch my feet, I thought for sure it was just me - nice to know I'm not the only one! :-D my legs from the knees down also feel frozen in the early morning, but I can handle a heavy blanket across my legs...
Hi Don! I just came across your post to Crooked Creek, which you posted this evening. I am so sorry to inform you that Crooked Creek passed I believe it was Dec. 20th. We learned of Creek's passing from Al, the fireman. May he rest in peace!

My cold feet are usually when I first go to bed at night. My wife says they feel like pop cycles. I can't wear socks because it limits my circulation and causes my feet to swell. I usually just cover the end of the bed with a quilt or something.

I tried wearing the foot drop braces to bed for awhile to keep the pressure of the covers off my feet, but they are too heavy and stiff to allow any movement. After a few hours they hurt more than help.

I'm afraid I haven't found a good solution to this problem yet.

God Bless
Capt AL
Hey Al. I just started having problems this week with the covers being too heavy on my feet. We had one of those small adjustable fancy TV tray tables they wera advertizing on TV a while back. Lee took the tray off and slid the legs under the mattress. The bar at the top is adjustable for height and she drapes the covers over it and it works great. Another idea is cut the side out of a large laundry basket or storage bin, turn upside down and throw covers over it. The bin would keep your feet warmer because of less air circulation in there.
Good idea AL.

I had thought about just sleeping in my coffin with the upper lid raised. That would make things a lot simpler when I pass, wouldn't it?:-D:-D:-D:-D

Sorry, oh what a thought. Morbid.:oops::oops::oops::oops:
Well yes it might but if you poop your pants when passing the viewing might take on a different air so to speak.
Leave it up to you to think of that one. LOL

Good point. Might have to have closed casket.
You can buy blanket "tents" from the handicapped sites. They work just like the laundry basket or adjustable tray that AL described. Don't know how they work in the coffin, though. :-D
MORBID MORBID MORBID - funny - but morbidly funny! :-D :-D

I'm very sorry to here about Crooked Creek's passing - I had no idea - but the topic at hand is still an important one.

AL - I love the idea about the storage bin cut-out, I'm going to start looking for the right size!

I think it is really great to be a witness of the friends that developed among some of you - who may never even have met as Cindy & I were talking about.. Especially between you to Al's ! :)
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