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Sep 17, 2005
My mother has trouble wiping her bottom after she goes to the bathroom. Is there anything that can help her? Also, since she's been in the wheelchair she has trouble with constipation. Is that normal for ALS?
Thank you
Good Morning Jen:
Constipation is normal with ALS. There are lots of suggestions on this site to rememdy this.

As for the bottom cleaning... I'm not sure what to tell you... when my wife was incapacitated sufficiently that she couldn't complete the task... I was her backup. The motto in our house was "grab a glove and get in the game! It's not difficult and less and less embarrasing with time. My wife was 48 when she was diagnosed... and I was praying for menopause to hit too. All part of life... some things have to be done!


Hi there,

As TBear said. Some things just have to be done. You have to understand that it is just as hard for them to have someone else do what we take for granted. Yes, just grab a glove and get into the game! We all took our turns here doing the swipe and it is just something that has to be done. Constipation is common with als. Henry suffered with gas as well. There are alot of different remedies that can be had. Ask your doc or the pharmacist at your local drug store for meds. Good luck. And never be embarrased to ask the simpliest of questions. How else will you find out.

Hi guys,
I have recently looked into this "problem". The ALS team here showed us Bidets that go on your existing toilet replacing the toilet seat. They look good and work fantastic. All you do is push a button. They had one at the clinic. I think thats the route I'm going. They run about six hundred bucks, but I figure with all the things i'm doing without now, I'm going to spoil myself, rather than soil myself!
Hi there.
Amongst the goodies that ALS has brought me is bladder incontinence. So I have a wonderful toilet called "Jasmin Washlet"; also called "Jasmin Toto". It has front and rear wash features that can be customized, as well as a built-in dryer and heated seat. Fabulous! They are expensive, though - around $1,200 U.S. My local (and wonderful) ALS Society supplied it to me through their equipment loan program.

I'm thinking of setting up a ALS donation jar beside the toilet for my friends - if they are satisfied with the "service", they can leave a donation! :lol:
Hi Jen,
I've had lots of experience with my Mom who has ALS and constipation problems. Mom is on a doctor recommended laxative which helps alot. And I found baby wipes to be a God sent for cleaning up the more messy movements. :) Sue Q :)
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