Bad Dreams

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Nov 25, 2004
Hi all....thanks for your responses..expecially your support for Richard and I to move in together...I am getting negative feedback from some family nice to know that others think I am not crazy to even consider this adventure with him....again thanks....Richard experiences bad dreams, nightmares I would say...they seem so real to him and it takes him about 15 minutes or more to realise that is just what they are ....dreams...does this sound familiar to anyone? :?:
I was getting really vivid and scary dreams for a period of time but they seem to have gone away. I thought it might be getting used to the Riluzole. As far as the family goes I know they want to protect you but in the long run you have to decide who should be happiest. You and Richard or the family. It won't be easy and I am sure you realise that he could take a turn for the worse and be gone before you know it. They are thinking this I am sure and don't want you to go through this emotional turmoil. It's still up to you. I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you and Richard.
Not open for further replies.