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Sep 14, 2005
Is anyone else using Baclofen. My neuro put me on 2 tabs a day for my chin clonus.(wobbles). I have been on it about a week, so far less chin clonus but it makes me feel tired for a while after I take it.

I took it for a while for muscle spasms and then found Quinine worked better. I just use the quinine now. Never noticed tiredness but then I always seem tired now anyway.
Hi ronrfc
I am on baclofen 2 tabs daily for muscle spasms in the upper arms, they work some of the time, but when i was taking 4 tabs daily all i did was sleep. I notice when i don't take them the spasms are worse.
Hi margeo55
I am on 2 tabs a day, I find it makes me drowsey too. They gave me for the jaw chatter.Don't know if is working or not yet only been on it a week or so. How lomg did it take before you noticed anything.

Thanks Gerry,

I research everyting before I take it. The problem with ALS, apart from there being 17 identified forms of it, is every case is pretty well unique. The reaction to drugs for ALS is also pretty uinique, including Balcofen. The purpose, I think, for forums like this one is for people with ALS to exchange ideas and experiences. You appear to have had bad experiences with doctors and drugs, pitty the only research being done for a cure for ALS is done by doctors and drug companies.

Ron :lol:
Hi ron
The baclofen started working that i noticed a real difference was about 2 weeks. my spasms were so bad that i could not lie on my right side for 4 months before i agreed to try this drug. i am an LPN so i have knowledge of what theses drugs can do for you, and as you explained to gerry aall types of ALS affect each person differently. some need the drugs and not all drugs are bad for you.
margeo55 :)
hi jerry
sorry you seem to be having problems with you doctors, i find the doctors at the ALS clinic in edmonton very helpful with all your needs, were you diagnosis with ALS, and when?
We all have a choice in whether or not we use drus or not, i for one am do not like to take medications due toall the different side effects,but there are times when nothing else seems to work, so we give the drug a try, some work some don,t, but to be in pain 24/7 can wear a person out real quickily.
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