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Feb 28, 2008
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I am going to start Baclofen tomorrow and am wanting to know your experiences with it. How long before you start noticing improvements? How long before you feel the full effects? Will it completely take away the spasticity or does it just lessen the frequency and severity of the spasms? As far as side effects are concerned, what have you experienced? Any feedback would be great!
hi again, ive been on baclofen 7yrs. it can take wks to couple of months to really kick in,some people find it makes them sleepy at first so be carefull driving ect. iv'e always been on 20mg twice a day but extra 10-20mg during bad times but only the extra short term, the problem is that they can increase the weakness in legs ect if the doses are too high. they take the worst of the spasm pain away but i am always in some pain 24/7,but i could not do without them i would not be able function. i was also prescribed amitriptyline /antidepressant as this acts as a neuromuscular pain reliever.
hope they work for you quickly
Thanks Olly. Do you know if your experience is typical or does it affect everyone differently ( as far as the time for it to kick in)? I'll make sure I'm not driving or at least not for a few hours after. My MD has me starting with 10MG 2x a day, then 10MG 3x a day, then 15MG 3X daily (I assume I just cut them in half for the extra 5 mg?) Then I'm supposed to only increase it if needed after that. Does that sound like the normal way to start it?
I take 10mg 2 times daily. I found it stopped the cramps in my legs within a few days. I also take 300 mg Quinine and am mostly cramp free.
Thanks Al. Does it also take away your spasms or just the cramps that result from the spasms? It seems like it is doing better for you with a lower dosage than it is doing for Olly with a higher one. So it sounds like I can't really know what to expect :)
i know of only a few who could not tolerate them with continued tiredness. i can't say how long they will take but hopefully just a few wks. incresase slowly to a dosage you can tolerate and calm down the spasms, but i was told only upto 60mg, as higher
doses should only be given under medical supervision/hospital.
I don't get cramps or spasms. I get maybe 1 or 2 hamstring charlie horses, usually in bed, per month.
i would say they are more for muscle spasms, i know they are prescribed for ms patients who have spasms. it took approx 6-8wks to kick in with me, i had spasms for 1yr before taking them. my doc said like antidepressants ect they can take time to get in the system and work before you feel a benefit.
i am sure they will help, just give them time.
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