Baclofen Increase Makes Things Worse

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Aug 10, 2005

Dad started to take 40 miligrams a day of Baclofen and it was no good. In fact yesterday after taking 2o mg in the morning he was horrible. He could not even walk unless he was holding onto the wall or something. I have read that in some people the spasticity is a blessing cause it actually helps you. With baclofen you have to take just enough or else you will have no tone. Has this happened to anyone else?

What is the mg's of baclofen that others take and do/did you notice a difference when taking more or less?

Also does anyone know how long Baclofen stays in ones system?

I take 90 mg daily of baclofen, usually you start of on a low dose (10 mg daily) and work up or down to get the right dose you feel is helping.

You should never suddenly stop the baclofen as it can have severe adverse affects, gradually work the dose up or down.

LB only takes 40mg and that seems to be enough for him right now. Hope you find the magic number soon.
... as I recall. For us it was a balancing act between the baclofen and the amitryptelene. Good luck in finding the appropriate dosage.

Hello and thanks for all the responses...

It seems that dad does best on a lower dosage. You know come to think of it dads spasticity really helps him to get around so much better. When dad started he was taking 5mg in the evening and that was it. This did wonders along with PT. Now he is taking 10Mg three times a day and this even seems a bit much. We think we are going to go back to 10mg in the am and 10mg in the pm and see how this does. We are going to start the PT again regardless of the coverage cause it helps so much. WE are even going to begin streaching exercise twice a week instead of once a week. Dad is going to continue his every day exercises as well... The part with the hip and hig well this must be a seperate issue from ALS cause the advil does the trick....

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