Back pain in bedridden condition

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Mar 16, 2006
I know there are probably million reasons to cause pain, but dad often compains about back pain especially when on side. He has been bedridden for almost a year now. Is there a chance his condition might increase his suceptibility to things like slip disc which could cause severe pain? Of course, the fact that he can't communicate isn't helping to correctly identify the problem. BUt I was wondering if this is a common compain of people who are bedridden. Note that he doesn't have any bedsores.
back pain

Hi Grp,

Sorry to hear about your Dad's condition, but was wondering has your Dad had back surgery of any kind? Sometimes, sleeping in certain positions can affect the back and create pain. Not heard of any disc impairment, though.

Have your Dad write down where he hurts, etc. This is what we have had to do until a communication device became available. I am sure this hurts you to see your Dad so uncomfortable.

You are in our prayers and thoughts. Many on this board can contribute more on this subject for you, also.

Hugs and Prayers,
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