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Apr 25, 2007
They put me to sleep so it didnt hurt but it hurts like hell today but only when I walk on it. The neurosurgeon came to see me after and told me, "the muscle looks healthy, but we wont know for sure until it goes through a series of tests." Can they really tell a little something just by looking at it? Anyway, to tell you the truth im not really bugging out about the results. They are what they are and there is nothing I can do to change them. Im actually happy that this process is finally over. This was the last test that can be done. No more waiting, no more trying to convince the Docs to do a test, no more wondering what I have. It will be known in black and white in a few weeks. For a while I thought for sure it was ALS, then the doc told me possible myopathy after the EMG, so I went with that. Then again I was thinking ALS. To tell you the truth I dont know whats going on, but soon I wont need to guess...

I really appreciate 3 members in particular, Jamie. Jamie is close to my age and I feel like we have been on the same journey only he is a few months ahead of me. AnnMarie has just been so nice to me and everyone and of course Leslie. It looks like we will be linked as my docs thinks myopathy as well. Actually I would hope this is what comes out of the biopsy.... Thank you guys for everything. Im going to stay on the board as well, hopefully the results say NO ALS. Pray for me.

Lou you lucky dog...i'm jealous....they put you to sleep.....

Well trust me..i was in enough pain for both of us when they cut mine out.

I'm glad to hear the doc said the muscle looked healthy. They didn't tell me that....and when i called last week...the dr's nurse told me that they didn't have my results yet...but funny enough...she always messed with me when i would call her, would give me a hard time about me thinking i had ALS. This time.....when i was getting off the phone with her this time....she didn't give me a hard time...just told me "not to give up".....hmmm...what did that mean ya' i looking too far into this?

Don't know, but good news seems to be on the forum lately at least some...poor beebe..i feel horrible for her yall.

Anyway Lou...i'm really glad for you...isn't it funny, i'm glad you my have a myopathy...isn't it funnny how life changes..i mean....a year ago...would you have been glad to have a myopathy? It's strange how this changes your life. It amazes me to see all the people walking around....not a worry on their mind and some have very little respect for their life.

well it's raining here and i've got nothing to do but blabber here.....


good day to all and go hug your family, kiss your spouse and kids one extra time today.


It Is funny...

that im sitting here praying for myopathy.

Jamie, dont read into the person who answers the phone. They dont know anything.

Oh and what happened to Beebe? Besides the obvious diagnosed of her son-in-law. Did something else happen?
Lou - you are lucky twofold that they put you out - when they put you out they are taking a much bigger sample. When you get the Lidocaine, it's a needle biopsy, even though the needle is the size of a pencil and goes in your leg a good 4-6 inches! That's probably why they were able to tell you the muscle looked healthy and not me and Jamie.

And like all your friends here are saying, we hope for myopathy, even though that's an awful disease. If yours turns out to be myopathy, you know at least one person who can feel your pain. I know my life is agony, a struggle to get through everyday. But, it's nice to put a name on the pain, the weakness, the vibrations (which I now know are fibrillations) and let's not forget the total exhaustion and fasciculations. I'm glad we met on this forum so that we can chat about our progress and help each other along the way, if yours is myopathy. I think that even with the diagnosis you will still wonder if it will change along the way, especially if you don't respond right away to therapy. I know it sounds shallow, but I still worry that I won't be able to tolerate the steroids and it will progress. Myopathy can progress like als and end with respiratory, so be glad that you are doing what you can to figure it out now. The sooner the better. For me it has been one year and eight months. I hope not too long.

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie........there could be a zillion reasons why the nurse didn't act the same to you. She could have been having a bad day, there could have been a patient waiting on the other line or sitting at her desk, her husband might be a jerk, or maybe she was hungry?!? Don't read into it, we all act different on different days. I do think they know something, though. They wouldn't give me much info either.

Keep us informed. When is your follow-up appt. so we can look forward to that day?
Leslie...if she gives me crap..i'll let you get ahold of her...lololololololol

i had to say it.....:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

This one's got me laughing owe me on now leslie...

love yall lots......HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND....


That's right, Leslie believes in fair treatment for she gives you any crap, let me know! Cheesy smiles right back at ya!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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