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Dec 29, 2006

Is anyone here using a hospital bed at home? The local ALS society has offered to get me one, and I am going to take them up on it, to put in the remodeled 1st floor handicap apartment that is almost ready,

However, the ALS Soc seems unable to supply me or my wife with any information on sheets - blankets - etc. The only thing I have gotten from them is that EXTRA LONG sheets work best. What size sheets - Twin - ehat? And is it possible to use Fitted Sheets - so they stay on the mattress pad, or what?

Any users of these things - help ! ! !

Roy - JustMe
I picked up my extra long TWIN sheets (2 sets) at Target. They were not easy to come by. Internet is likely the easiest route to take to purchase them. The hospital bed was a good move for my brother. The ability to sit up in bed is a true help.

Good luck in your new apartment and bed!
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Greetings and thanks for the info - I needed that.
Can you tell me - were those FITTED sheets or do they just lay on the bed with nothing to hold them? ? ? I know the last few times I was in the hospital the sheets were constantly slipping -- with me on them -- down the bed. That would seem to make sitting upp kind of difficult so how does that work out?

Roy - JustMw

We use fitted bottom sheet twin size. I'll check with Lee.
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I have a twin size fully electric hospital bed through ALSA and rented with an insurance co-pay. I really like it. I use fitted twin sheets and a bed rail on one side only. I bought my own tempurpedic mattress because I could feel all the springs, rollers and rails through the rented mattress. I have a bed cane on the open side. Raising the foot helps me get into position in bed and raising the head helps me get out. Much better than a regular bed.
Asked and she says buy 'deep pocket' single or twin size. She says better quality ones fit better. We have a regular hospital mattress with a Spenco mattress pad that we got from ALS Society as well.
Thanks Georgia. 2 sites I hadn't seen B4 with good stuff.
Hi Everyone,

I still stop by and check on all of you several times a week. I' m happy to see so many of you doing well.

LB had a hospital bed and I bought extra long twin sheets with deep pockets from JC Penney. They worked well even with a 2 inch latex mattress I bought to go over the regular hospital mattress. His bed was very comfortable. I have since past his latex mattress on to another person in need. They too find it so comfortable and cooler than the memory foam. I purchased his from Kohla mattress factory here in town but I have seen them online.

Take care.

In the states you can find those straps at even Walmart.
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