atrophing and weakness without fascilations

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Sep 11, 2007
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Hi all,
Has anyone had weakness and atrophing in there hands and forearms but never have one muscle twitch/fascilation in those spots. I do get cramping and stiffness in my hands. I do get random twitching in other places. I am just curious because I hear alot of you on here talking about hand fascilations.
Hi Crystal,

I have weakness and slight atrophy in my hands and forearms but my fasics are mostly in feet and legs. I occassionally get fasics in my arms but never have in my hands. Don't know if that helps!

Just a vent...I went to second neuro appt. today at University of Colorado and still no answers. Basically, she said she doesn't want re-run tests for another two months. She said she can't diagnose anything at this point but time will tell. "If this is ALS it will let us know in due time," was what she said. Pretty wise but hard to accept.

Anyway, I hope you are doing okay Crystal.

Take care,

Hi Crystal,

I have atrophy in hand and forearm and never had one twitch in either area. Mostly my fascis are in my side just beneath my arm, chest, and legs.
Hi Crystal

I have weakness in both arms and hands but only have twitches in my legs and abdomine................Take care Rob
Hey guys thanks for the replys.

mtngirl, You can vent anytime. It is a very fustrating process. Did she do anything?
How is your neuro exam, reflexes etc.
Hi Crystal,

I did have hyper reflexes and weakness in left hand and fingers on the neuro exam. So I asked what to attribute all of this to and she said time would tell...could be benign fasciculation and cramping syndrome she said. This is sooooooo frustrating! She did say that, yes, ALS often presents this way but that it is too early for diagnosis.

She said in two months they can run another EMG and re-run bloodwork, etc.

I know I should see this as a positive sign but I just know my body and something is very wrong. I live at the base of a ski area and live a very active lifestyle and I just feel so weak in general. To have to wait and see what happens makes a person feel like a ticking time bomb!

Anyway, thanks so much for listening. I am going to try to spend this summer having a blast with my kids (5 and 8 years old) and make the most of each day (in between my melt-downs).

Hope everyone has a good day and thanks for listening to me.

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