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Apr 9, 2016
Learn about ALS
One Year passed since my last Post here, i tried to ignore my Sypthoms but i can`t. In September last Year i told you about my left Leg, which i have to concentrate more on when i walk, because sometimes it feels like i am going to grind on the floor if i would not. In addition i have fasciculations all over my body since 3 or 4 Years now. These sympthoms are still there and have slightly progressed.

One thing i also noticed is that when i take a shower in the morning and my left Foot "sticks" on the ground and i lift it up, my Leg starts to shake wierd. Is this Hyperreflexia?

I also had a cramp 2 days ago in the night for the frist time, at least i think so because when i woke up in the morning i had a strong aching in my left calf, which lasted for 2 days.

These coordination problems make me rly worry.

Could this be slow progression? I mean i can still walk on the back of my feet, stay on one leg and even raise on one leg and i am 19, but i can`t thik of anything else the whole Day. Its rly depressing.

What do you think?:confused:
Hi there-

I looked over your posts from last year and compared it to today's post. You still don't fit the pattern of symptoms that would tell a doctor "ALS".

Please go back to a doctor and let them know your symptoms have not gone away and the stress with dealing with them is affecting you every day. You don't belong on a forum for those with ALS, which is excellent news. However, you do need medical care and attention to track down the reason for your twitches and feeling of weakness. Don't ask the doctor "Do I have ALS?" because they will spend their time disproving that in order to reassure you- Rather ask "What can be causing my symptoms?"

All the best
Thank you for you Time, i realy appreciate it.

I will make an appointment at my Doctor tomorrow.

What doctors if any have you consulted with?
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