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May 18, 2006
Los Baños
Hi everybody,

I just signed in as a new member to this group and i'm glad o be a member of this forum. I'm jane from the Philippines and I was just diagnosed ALS positve last month. It's so sad and hard to accept it, but i'm still hoping for miracles.

I hope anybody can advise me where to get help regarding financing rilutek for my medication. I learned that the medicine - Rilutek, prescribed by my local doctor here is only available in the U.S. or Canada at quite a high price at that. I'm just an ordinary employee and definitely cannot afford to buy such medicine and moreso, won't be able to buy it as a prescription from an American doctor is needed. I would like to make an appeal for any financial support from any individual or group for my medicine. PLease help me find some means so I can avail of the medicine for free. It is my only hope for a longer and fruitful life ahead of me. PLease help me...

Please advise me. Thank you.

Hi Jane this is the website for Aventis , the manufacturer of Riluzole(Rilutek) I have heard that they will help to pay for portions of the fee for the medication. I have not confirmed this myself so it could just be a rumor. It wouldn't hurt to go to their site and email a request. I am in Canada and my son lives with his wife and daughter in Angeles City. I have been there and to Palawan. What part are you in?. Is there a chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Manilla? They too can help with medicine. I hope this helps you out. Welcome to our site.
need ur help

Dear sir/madamme,

Thanks for the welcome msg. I did what u advised me to do. I wrote to aventis asking for information and help twice already but they did not nswer my email until now. It's almost a month now that i am searching for means to finance the rilutek medicine but I have not gone so far yet. I hope this group can help me look for someone to sponsor my medicine. Please help me stay longer in this beautiful world.

thank you ver much for all the attention and help.

Jane, I read on another thread that NORD (Natl Organization of Rare Diseases), phone 1-800-459-7599, will help pay for Rilutek. You might check into that. I personally don't think it's worth the high price, even if you get help. From what I've been able to find out, it doesn't help much. Carol

Getting Rilutek from NORD. If you qualify it cost $40.00 every three months, shipping and handling.

Go to NORD, they can help with Rilutek cost.
Here is another link for free medicine. You only have to pay the shipping every 4 months if you qualify.

<link removed due to authenticity of company>

It will cover Rilutek and some other meds. I hope this helps. I got the information from them, but the amount of paper work they required was just not worth the trouble to me. They wanted bank statements, Income tax returns, etc. If you really want to take the drug this is the best way to go to help with the cost.

God Bless
Capt AL
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