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Apr 6, 2008
Learn about ALS

Over the last couple of months i have been experiencing a slight tingling sensation in my right arm, usually when i'm in bed at night. However over the last couple of days my right arm has felt weaker than usual, it's hard to describe, i've just been really aware of my arm being there, whereas usually i'd pay no mind if that makes any sense. This has gotten a bit better but now my left arm felt that way today but that too has now stopped and my left hand feels fine. There is a mild pain in my right hand when i clench my fist.

I'm 22 years old and male.

Does anyone know what this could be? I'm terrified of Motor Neuron Disease. I've been really anxious all day, don't know if that's contributing to any of the feelings.

Thank you.
Hi there. First of all your age is a plus. I'd bet on carpal tunnel but you should see a doctor rather than freaking yourself out on the internet.
thanks for your reply.
But i woke up this morning and i have some weird feelings/weakness in my right foot. Going to try and get an EMG appointment today with a doctor in town.
Does this progression (3 areas in 3 days) seem very quick?

I visited my GP who done a neuro exam on arms/hands, legs/feet - strength and reflex tests and said everything was normal. The pain in my leg has completely gone away for now though my left hand is now a little stiff. She prescribed me Xanax for a week to ease my anxiety which she said may be behind some of my complaints.
She sounds like a smart doc. 3 Areas in 3 days is not average in any way.
This morning and last night my left hand, particularly the base of my fingers has been very stiff. Had some pain in it yesterday. Eased with application of ice last night. But i'm starting to worry again. My right hand isn't as bad but is a little stiff.

Does Ice typically help stiffness in ALS, and do the symptoms tend to ease off and come back on?
You are going to be fine, according to Mamma Cindy. Of course, we are not doctors areound here but this one is easy, IMO. Ice will not help the stiffness in ALS. I bet this is related to some daily activity. Sounds much like the trapped nerve I had a few years ago. Which is treatable. Annoying and sometimes painful but highly treatable. You do need a neurologist, though.
I'm starting to freak out again, i've started to get some twitching on my upper left arm and leg. Not constant by any means, maybe one twitch every 15 minutes so far this morning. The muscle stiffness in my hands comes and goes. It was better at the weekend, but got worse yesterday at work.
I've had a cold/flu over the weekend and it's still lingering so i'm generally not feeling great and i'm tired.

Also, i have a question about weakness. Am i right in saying that actual weakness is an inability to perform a certain task with a muscle whereas your muscle getting tired easily after repeating tasks is fatigue? My doctor didn't find any weakness even though my hands felt stiff especially around my finger joints.
today I've had twitches in my shoulders and upper arm (these 2 places mostly), neck, back, chest, soles of my feet, insteps and thighs. Is this normal for them to be in so many places at once? They feel like little tickles on my skin
i went to the doctor again today, due to chest infection. I mentioned the twitching as well. She has ordered blood tests for next tuesday. She tested my arm strength and it was fine.
Does my pattern of twitching sound like it fits with ALS? I'm worried sick.
sorry to be such a pest, but does anyone have any opinion on my symptoms? My twitches continued today, mainly on my left arm. I'm driving myself mad with worrying.
How did you get on at the doctors? I seem to have the same symptoms and am beginning 2 worry myself
my twitches are still pretty much the same. My hand seems a bit better.
But just this evening i'm starting to get really worried again. I think i've found atrophy in the shoulder where a lot of my fasciculations are. When i flex it there seems to be more of an indentation than in my other arm. I'm really panicking now.
Hey kilamangiro

I'm going to have to agree with Cindy and Al: I think you're going to be just fine. If you already have atrophy, that shoulder would be weak and your neuro said you're fine. I'd believe her. The symptoms you're presenting with are not typical of ALS. ALS is a progressive disease and you aren't progressing at all. The twitches you're having are most likely due to your anxiety and you also said you just got over the flu, which is something else that can cause twitching.
You've been to your neuro twice and both times you passed with flying colors and you are being told by very experienced and smart people on here that your symptoms are not at all typical of ALS. I would run with that and enjoy life.
thanks wright.

I haven't actually been to a neuro yet. My Doctor ran some blood tests along with a neurological exam and i'm awaiting the results. If they are normal she'll refer me to a neurologist. I think i'll go see one anyway. The more i compared my two shoulders last night (and i did it obsessively) the more i think i was perhaps overreacting. The same dent is in both shoulders it's just harder to see in my right one because when i look in any mirror in my house my right shoulder is in shadow and i have to abduct it a certain way to see it. I have no noticeable weakness in my shoulder.
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