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Aug 10, 2005
Ok so this is my second time posting. I am having some computer issues today:)

Can you believe it has been three weeks since the big move? Things are good :)

I would like to again attempt to ask if anyone can shed some light on the following issues and or let me know if this is par for the ALS life:-(

1. When dad has been working all day, had a great deal of stress, driving, and running around. By 8pm when he walks around he tends to walk along the walls due to him feeling off balence. Would this be due to being tired? Are you familer with this?

2. On these same days he likes to eat dinner on the leather sofa. This bothers me not cause it is on the sofa I don't get upset about things like that. I get nervous cause this means that he is going to take a bite and throw himself back after each and every bite. Now the non-ALS person would cough when doing this cause he jerks his whole head and body back. When he does this and it has only happened twice. He ends up letting out a few coughs not choking cause he is able to speak while it is happening. Then for the rest of the meal he is clearing his throat. Does this happen to anyone? What can be done to avoid this? Besides the obvious of not throwing himself back..... When he eats at the dinner table all is fine.

3. Ok this is something that I need to ask how I can get him to do. Dad is not the type of person that is used to drinking water all day long or anything for that matter. Dad will drink water, tea or whatever for breatfast, then for lunch, dinner and later with his medication before bed. All day long he drinks nothing else. This causes him to get a very dry mouth, he speaks slower, and then he is clearing his throat cause of the salavia in his throat. Then depending on a good day or a bad day this occurs. Good day he will drink something water, soda whatever and 1/2 later he is done clearing his throat, he is speaking normal, and overall happier. Bad stressful day he will take some sips and cough a little cause he is just so thirsty that he gobbels it down. Does this sound familer? What can we do besides the obvious and drink through out the day? Dad takes a great deal of vitamins so he should be drinking water and stuff but he is always running around and does not think too do so cause he never did before.

Now a bit of information. I was with Grandma all weekend and noticed that some of this stuff dad does at night is what gram does. A bit of drama runs in the family:) Not to say some of it is due to ALS but some drama is around.

Mom said that he has done this stuff with eating and drinking the 35 years they have known one another....

So what do you all think:)

Thanks in advance for your resposne.....

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