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Dec 17, 2014
Learn about ALS
I'm sorry for posting but I've been awake for 3 days straight freaking myself out convincing myself I may have ALS. Around 4-5 nights ago I was carrying groceries in and sat then down then I felt a sharp pain in my testicles then it quit hurting & I thought I was good. But the past couple days I've been feeling very strange, my body has been spasming & my left foot/leg is numb & tingles sometimes. My left pinky toe is separated from the rest of my foot & is twitching by itself, also I've had trouble swallowing & my food seems to come back up by itself. I'm sorry if I'm sounding irrational, ive just been stressing out thinking I may have ALS. Also I'm 18 years old.
It certainly does not sound like ALS perhaps you strained something and the swallowing is from anxiety? See your doctor to get checked out but do not worry about ALS
Both of my feet are twitching now & i keep feeling like I'm choking on everything I eat, I also haven't slept in over 60 hours because every time I almost fall asleep I feel like I stop breathing.. Am I just being super paranoid? I regret googling symptoms of stuff. Also is 18 too young for ALS? Noone in my family has had it from far as I know. Thank you btw.
I don't mean to be rude. But, you are showing absolutely no valid symptoms in regards to ALS at this point. Please read all the stickies and they will answer alot of your questions. Read them two or three times if necessary. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but usually I would say in most cases 18 is way too young to have ALS. Yes, in all honestly I think you are stresing yourself out for absolutely no legit reason whatsoever. Please totally stay away from Dr. Google. He is a complete quack. Follow up with your regular physician and ask him questions. It is only my opinion but I feel that anxiety might be your major issue at this time You really can't be helped on our forum because your issues aren't ALS related. You have no reason at this point to be here. The rest of your questions need to be addressed by a qualified doctor and not us. Thank you and good luck.
You ask if 18 is too young for ALS. Here are some statistics:

The incidence of ALS is roughly 2 in every 100,000 . . . and of that . . . only 5% are diagnosed prior to the age of 30 . . . and the further away from 30 you are, the more diminished your chances.

So let's do some numbers:

2/100,000 is 0.002% chance (which is about the same chances of getting hit by lightning according to the Red Cross).

Now let's take your age into consideration. Again, only 5% are diagnosed prior to age 30, so to get that percentage, simply take 0.002% and multiply it by 5% (i.e. 0.05). That gives a percentage of 0.0001% or a 1 in million chance . . . and that's at best. Again, the further away from 30 you are, the more diminished your chances".

Your symptoms do not sound like ALS at all. Sounds like anxiety to me. If you haven't slept in 60 hours imagine the stress you're putting your body under. Stress causes twitching (classic). I'd probably be choking, too, without any sleep. You need to stay away from google as well as this forum. You are too young to worry about a fatal disease that usually hits people much, much older.
Thank you to everyone that replied, I know you get tired of people asking the same questions over & over again. I have just one more question & then I'll never come back on this forum again I promise. Can an eye twitching & someone's body feeling lopsided be symptoms of ALS?
Please ask a Dr. We have politely answered enough of your questions already. We are supposed to try a be polite and welcoming on here. But, you are really trying our patience right now.
Everyone gets eye twitches. And no feeling lopsided is not a reported symptom. Best of luck
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