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Jul 30, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I just found this site because I recently went to my doctor and he is referring me to a Neurologist becuase of my symptoms. Of course I'm fearing the worst. I don't have a diagnosis or even a possible one yet but if it's ok I'd like to explain what's been happening to me and get some feed back.

Back in March'06 I started to notice that I was having trouble putting on my flip-flops with my left foot. I couldn't 'walk my toes up' to put them on. Which I thought was weird but thought nothing more of it. Then about a month or two later I started to notice that my left foot flopped as I stepped forward. So I started to comparing my right and left feet and noticed that I didn't have the same ability to move my left foot and toes as I did with my right. For the next few months these were the only symptoms I had and then I started to wake up at night with cramps in my left calf. Man were they painful. I thought that maybe it was from some exercising I was doing so I started to eat more bananas. Then I started to notice that my foot and thigh twitching. Not all the time but I would notice it in the morning and at night.

Now for the last 5 months I have constant muscle twitching in most areas of my body and it just never stops. I have it especially in my left leg with my thigh being the worst but I now twitch in my butt muscles, back and mid section, and back of my arms. My calf, thigh and hip are always getting a muscle cramps if i sit wrong or acidently stretch. My ankle is very weak and I can't move my foot very well as my right. I'm beginning to have trouble walking. I feel tired right away. I twist my ankle often and I'm starting to trip if I don't pay attention to how I step. and my left leg aches a lot. On top of it all I get the most intense fatigue and my arms and legs feel so heavy. When I get up and walk or stand my muscles are sore like I've been working out. When I'm not a work I can just lay down and fall dead asleep for an hour or two.

When I saw my doctor last Thursday he did the reflex test on the front of my knees and my right one was normal but my left leg jolted out when he hit it. I guess that's called hyperreflexia. That he says tells him that there is a central nerve/muscle problem. He's not saying what he thinks is wrong, he wants to leave that to the Neurologist.

Meanwhile I'm going crazy and when I look for my symtoms online I keep coming up with ALS. Needles to say I'm pretty scared and I'm trying not to think too far ahead but it's really hard not to.

Well I guess I said more than I planned. I would really like to hear how everyone's symptoms progressed and the timing as well.

Thanks for listening.
Hello DeElla- welcome to the forum. I hope the docs will be able to tell you soon what is going on and I hope it is one of the many diseases that mimic ALS. Some are not exactly a walk in the park but treatable, thus better. You don't say where you are from, but at some point you will probably want to be seen at an ALS clinic. Local Neuros just don't have enough experience. Mine scared me right to this fourm, but others have almost been told their symptoms are all in the heads. So no matter what, get another opinion from a clinic that knows. Sometimes the process of getting DX'd can be long and drawn out, so it is good that you found us. We'll be by your side. Regards, Cindy
I suggesst to go to an ALS Certified clinic-- they deal with issues you describe every day and will better guide you than a general neurologist-- also if you see the neurologist-- just ask him how many cases of ALS he has seen in the past, this will give you an understanding of his abilities. I think the twitching is one of the most scary things-- cause you know it is happening and no one can believe it is like it is-- I have been in your shoes and they call it BFS-- so there is hope that it may only be that. Keep positive and don't give up on one doctors conclusion if you are not satisfied. Does your twitching happen continuously- or is it random and sporatic? Is the cramping constant or random, and is it confined to one area or limb or all over your body?
Thanks for your reply. I live in So. Calif. and i think there are ALS Clinics here. I'll have to look into them. I will difinetly get a second opinion.

My twitching is pretty much all the time and it is now all over my body but happens more in my left leg especially my thigh.

What are the other illnesses that mimic ALS?
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