Are ALS fascics painful or at least very...

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Sep 5, 2007
havent been posted for a while and now Im back witha few questions.

The first one is - however its common - does anybody hear about case of ALS that start with fascics and have only fascics for more than half year? Non constant fascics, just random ones.

The second - Are ALS fascisc "strong"? I cant describe it, sometimes I feel it like a got small electric shock, its like electric charges when it twitches and its really annoying. Fortunately, it goes away after few seconds...
Thanks folks!

We call them twitches for my husband, Rick. They occur for him especially in the evenings.... and not every day. Sometimes just a toe twitches. Sometimes the whole leg jumps or jiggles for a moment. They are totally painless for him. I have read here in forum that they are painful though. He takes two extra strength Tylenols and goes on to bed. After the T takes effect, they stop. After going to bed ... they don't happen until maybe the next evening. Several days can go by without any and then for a few days they remain. Rick is in the early stages of AlS. DX was in October. Mainly he has excessive fluids in his head and throat in the mornings. That's pretty much the most annoyance thus far. Our best to you for today and always. Marjorie
Thank you for answer...I would like to ask what was your first symptom - I doubt he didnt go to neuro only due to fascisc?
To Marjorie and Blizna

Fasciculations are not going to make an entire limb move. Fasciculations are twitches of single motor units, which would not be able to generate the tension required to move an entire limb. What I think you are describing are muscle spasms, which are contractions of entire muscles. Fasciculations should not cause pain.
As a question to you Marjorie: you say he was just diagnosed . . . is he bulbar? How long was he having symptoms prior to his diagnosis and what were those symptoms? You say he is having twitches . . . spasms: are those in limbs that are showing weakness and atrophy?
I truly wish you the best and hope that some of the new therapies being investigated right now will be able to halt your husband's symptoms in their tracks. Please take care.

myoclonic jerks are lightening fast muscle jerks, like a startle response.
They can originate in the brain, or from the spinal column, or be ideopathic (unknown).
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