Anyone having weird feeling in legs? Like electricity?

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Jun 1, 2006
I've got another unusual symptom and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. When I lay down at night and try to go to sleep it feels like electricity crawling over the skin of my legs. Or maybe a better description would be worms moving under the skin of the legs.
I have lost the use of my legs for some time now and this new symptom is keeping me awake at night.
I have tried medicine for restless Leg Syndrome with no help at all.
Any ideas?

I have not been on for awhile because I just got out of the hospital. A bad flu bug sent me for a fun ride in an ambulance to the hospital for a couple of days. I could not breath. Never a dull moment around here.
hmmmmmmm, you know sometimes when I am shaving or trimming using my right hand (the weakest one) I feel a kind of very quick and painful electric-shots just like the 'electromyogram' so I change the position then it goes away.
My husband has a "pins and needles" sensation or his legs falling asleep all the time. He for some reason feels this is a positive sign against an ALS DX.

Glad you are back home safe. Take care.

Glad to hear you're ok buddy.
reply to pins and needles feeling

i don't know if this is in the same category or not, but horace had
sensations in his legs and arms a lot, and did not have a
solution. he, too, was treated for restless leg syndrome, but it was
not. it was just uncontrollable jerking. at this time he is taking 2 ml
of ativan plus 1/2 dose of morphine each night at bedtime and now
he sleeps soundly. however, he is also 100% dependant on his bi-pap
24/7 in order to breathe. when his lung muscles get too weak to handle
the pressure of the air pumped in by the bi-pap, his heart will fail.

as i've said many many times on this forum, als is a monster disease.

hi capt al

i am so sorry to hear you have been ill, but its good to see you back and i hope you are feeling better.
i have had a constant buzzing/vibration feeling in my legs for years since i got ill. sometimes i can just feel it other times it is bad. always worse in my feet.
i have heard other people with mnd who have had this, it is also common in ms.
i told my neuro about this but he never told me what it was,it does not hurt and at first was annoying but i have got used to it now so just ignore it.
with regards to pins and needles or numbness this can be a symptom in some with mnd, i have read and heard people say this.i too have had numbness feeling but if i touch the area i can feel it so its not really true numbness as in ms. it is thought that it is actually weakness, maybe that is what the feelings in the legs is.
take care al, god bless
weird feelings

Hello everybody! This is BeachN, Capt Al's baby sister lol.....God Bless all of you and I pray you will find peace within your heart to carry you through life as it may be....
And Bro.....I have had a weird feeling for 40 years now......Ever since I married the ole CAJUN.....
Peace and Love to all.......Hope you sleep better tonight Bro...Ya know I love you soooo much....Even though you ARE older then me!
My husband has the same buzzing, vibrating feeling you are talking about. It starts in his butt, goes down his legs and into his feet. Says he feels like he's ready to blast off and finds it extremely annoying. I get the impression doctors don't know what he's talking about when he describes it. He has a possible diagnosis of PMA.
Hi all, my husband (diagnosed 3/08) also has the tingling feelings and numbness - same thing, if touched, he feels it but he describes it as numbness. Initially, the neurologist kept saying that it wasn't ALS because ALS doesn't present with numbness. The tingling comes and goes - sometimes for hours and other times for short periods. He finds it really annoying.
Hey Captain Al
We are soooo glad you are ok....were worried about you as you had not been on for a bit...take it easy:)
Rick & Joan
Hey Mt. Good to see you are back. take extra care of yourself as any other illness on top of ALS can send your body for a loop! And BeachN- how nice to "meet" a member of Captain's family!

Oh, I get the tingling thing too-worse in my hands. sometimes if I overdo it with the computer or knitting or other use of the hands I get sharp electric shocks in my thumbs.
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I get it. I told my husband it gives me the heeby jeebies and I feel like I am being electrified. Usually get it at night of days I do alot.

I have also started to get lots of short sharp pains in hands, wrists, and legs. Do you get those too? Take Care, Peg
Hi beachN. I love Pensacola NAS and air museum. Glad to have you aboard.
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Glad everyone got to meet my much younger and better looking sister, BeachN.
I would post a picture of the two of us but she might kill me. Oh well, let's liven up the day. Many moons ago on Christmas day. :-D:-D :twisted:

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