Anyone From South Alabama

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May 17, 2007
Loved one DX
Is there anyone on this Forum or that you know in South Alabama that has ALS?
If so, please PM me. I can get them some extra help that I am sure they could use. This is very important. ( I still help with ALS everywhere).

Thank you,
Lorie, I suppose I'm being nosey but would you mind elaborating on what kind of special help your talking about? :-?
I know someone with ALS in southern Alabama, but I can't PM. May I ask what type of help?


I will explain later. My brother is ICU at the Hospital and I am Exhausted.
I just cleaned out my messages if that s why you couldn't PM.
South Alabama

HI, I live in Daphne Alabama and I just got diagnosed Sept 07. How can you help?

Vicki S.

I am so sorry about your diagnosis. My brother Timothy has ALS. We live in Mobile.
You can contact me anytime. Just Pm me. I will give you my E-Mail address. If you would like to have it. I have been into ALS for three years now.
I know how difficult of a time it is for you and your family. My support and prayers are with you. We all need that. You have joined a wonderful group of people here. They are awesome!

Ok, The ALS Association of Alabama concentrated only with the Northern part of the State. I was not a happy camper! I had contacted them a while back several times because there was nothing for South Alabama except MDA (which is great) you need to sign up with them to. Anyway, after a while they finally decided to start helping South Alabama. They will start holding monthy meetings in Baldwin County once an Month starting Thursday Jan10th. Now, if you sign up with them. You can get help with transportation cost to Doctors. Help with equipment, home improvements for the handicapped among many other things. I am going to volunteer as much as possible. Including Fundraising, Support for ALS patients. What ever I can do, until they get an office here. They want me to locate as many people as I can. To let them know what they are doing now in our area.

Contact: Lynn Sanderson
(800) 664-1242
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.ALSAlabama,org

We can't sit back and acccept this as it is. We have to do more. We have to! I know I do. That is my Mission. My Husband and Timothy said that if I ever had a CALLING, this is it. Thats why I call myself an ALS Advocate. I am very involved. Because I more than care!


By the way. ALS is 33% higher in South Alabama than any other part of the US! Go Figure? I found that out recently, after I had done my own statistics.
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