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Oct 5, 2008
Do you feel this tingly feeling, like your hair is standing up and then when you look it isn't. Then a sharp pain here and there, almost like an itch?

Also, every time I feel I can forget all about this, wait for the EMG and focus on other things, something strange happens. Not to mention the hip and neck pain can be absolutely excruciating the more active I am and the more the day goes on. Very annoying.

Did the walk for SMA yesterday and am paying a high price for it today but it was worth it if we could find a cure. So sad how little children (and adults, but this was mostly for small children) have a normal mental ability and yet their bodies just atrophy away and no cure...
are you talking about 'chills' type thing?
Chills feeling with no visible chills....and a tingle that almost itches. Does that make ANY sense?
I get a chills type thing on my arm or sometimes on one leg and there is no reason that it would happen. I am not cold. But I get it here and there, not alot.
I get the chills feeling on my left arm only and the tingly feeling alone in various places, mostly my legs.

I am also curious if there are any other reasons (like MD or SMA) that they say you may have, April, or are they looking just at ALS?
'they' are not looking at anything anymore and told me no als. Just my body recovering from 'something'
so I am going to a new mda clinic next.

I went to the als doc of my own accord and she really wrote me off as an anxiety just becasue of twitches. I got worse with muscle thinning and pain, etc and she still thinks with her 'pre-concieved' notion. but I will get a fresh pair of eyes and new emg. My last one was 6 months ago, so we will see.....
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