Anybody heard from Lori?

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Sep 27, 2006
Concerned, haven't seen any posts since mid August. Hope all is ok.
Hey girls, Last one I got was around her birthday and she was having trouble with her brother. I sent her several messages about having Lori time and celebrating her birthday, hubby and kids. Hope all is well Lori, you know we care. Fondly sherry
Lorie- I sent you a PM on Monday. Hope all is well. Cindy
Her last post was Aug. 15 but she was here reading I presume on Sept. 5.
Lori sent me PM and said she's OK and will update us today.
Hope it is nothing too bad. There is not much true peace of mind with this disease. I find myself worrying when posters go away for awhile. Cindy
Lori, I am worried. Please let me know how you are. Sherry
sent an email to Lorie's brother ( from TDI web site guest book).

his reply:

"oh thank you so much for your concern , lorie has been so busy with everything , but she back i promise you and for as tim is doing good he has good days and has his bad days but he doing good ... i am so impress with your concern thank you"

He gave me her email address. PM me if you would like to send her an email.
Good detective work, CJ! I think I will just give her some space. She has a lot on her plate but I am glad to know Lorie is OK! Cindy
Agreed Cindy.

Long as we know everything is O.K. that's what counts.
Sorry My Pals And Cals Friends

First of all, I would like to tell you all how much your care and concern has Humbled my Heart and Soul. I haven't forgotten any of you. You are like a very special part of my Family. I Love you wonderful people.

As far as Tim, he is doing pretty good under the circumstances. I have removed him off hospice about three weeks ago. We were shooting for therapy. One time they came out and gave him therapy. We haven't heard from them since. So on friday when Me and Ronald took to Tim to the Doc. I told her about it. Well, he will start therapy at an out patient clinic. His first is Tuesday. I will be with him also my brother Ronald.

In the past three weeks I have gotten him a new comfortable Manual Wheel Chair. (he already has a power chair, no van to use at this point) we have a Nebulizer Machine, Neck Brace, Special Shoes, He went to Sleep Evaluation Clinic
for Sleep Apnea ( he quit breathing 45 times an hour) he now has C-PAP C Machine.
I should have the Caugh Assist Machine Tomorrow. Then have a RT come out. So you can see how busy we have been. Over all he is doing good. He has a good sense of humor and that will to live coaching I do with him.

He said when he found out you all were trying to get in touch with me, that yall hang in there just like him. He wants to Live.

As far as me, I have had bad spasm flare ups in my back rib cages in the last two weeks and cramps in my calves and feet. Today I was sitting in my chair on our deck and the Fasciculations were constant in my calves. My muscles and bones hurt fom the top of my head to my feet. I felt as if I had ben beaten. But I am tired of chasing Doctors for answers. I told my husband I am not going back unless it severly changes. Just go to the doc for my Ear Disease.

Also I have been helping a friend of mine out in her business. I go atleast three half days a week. I previously was a Bookkeeper and she has major problems with her program. I don't know how long I will be doing this.

Also, I am working on something very Special for ALS. I can't say what it is yet. I will let you all know once I have the time to accomplish it with everything else I am working on.

As you know I am dedicated to ALS. It is my calling and Mission to Succeed!

If you want my personal E-Mail just PM me and I will give it to you. I haven't been on my computer much in over a week. But I will be back.

You guys mean a lot to me. Is there anything new I should know about?



Glad you're keeping busy and Tim's hanging in there! Thought something tragic had happened!

Can't wait to hear about your new project...

thanks for checking in, we've got to look out for each other somehow!
Lorie, it is so good to hear from you. :-D
We missed you and were worried.
Sorry to hear about your symptoms and totally sympathize with you.

God Bless
Capt AL
Another Inspiring Story

I wanted to tell all of you. Back in Feb. I as awarded a grant from “Ride for Life” for Tims Med. Power of Attny. Living Will and my Power of Attny. for him. I have one, but I want it redone. Over the months I had E-Mailed several local Lawyers to see if they would do it. Obviously, no reply. week before last I E-Mailed four more on a Wed. evening. I had just about given up. We know how Lawyers are. The next morning on Thursday. I was at my Moms eating breakfast with Tim and Dale (my older brother). My cell phone rang about 10:00. It was a secretary from one of the Lawyers. She said Mr. Alidor would do this for us. I said that’s great! Will the Grant cover the cost? Guess what? He is going to do everything Tim needs for FREE! I had to keep my composure. When I left my Mom’s, I cried all the way home. That someone in his position would do this for us. I can give the Grant back for someone else. Isn’t that Great?

If you haven't checked out "Ride for Life" you need to. They are great people.
Every three months they rotate a grant for Plan for Life $750.00 and Care for Life $1500.00 toward in home care. Randomly Selected Grantees.

I know one of the reasons I was not feeling well yesterday. I woke this morning with a 100.5 temp. I worked for my friend 7-1/2 hrs today.

On the way home, I was at a Red Light. I thought to myself. I can't be feeling as bad as Tim and other people that has ALS. Fighting for their Life!

My husband said I need to got to the Doc. it maybe bronchitis and sinusitus.(i think) I told him it will take more than that to bring me down. Something sure as H___ is working on it. But I am a fighter!

You go girl!

I wish I had your energy!

Hope you take care of your self though. You can't take care of anyone else if you are sick! Go to the doc if needed. Don't be stubborn.

It is so wonderful how you have championed for your brother! It sounds like you are really out there being his advocate. You are very special!

That is wonderful news about the "Ride for Life" guys! And they you found a lawyer to do everything for free? GREAT!

Thinking of you and your brother...
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