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Mar 30, 2007
Learn about ALS

I have asked before on this site if there are any military veteran here that have ALS or think they have ALS. Please let me know if any of you are.

Thank You
I think there are a couple Steve. Seems to me I recall reading here recently about a career lady soldier with ALS. Anybody else remember who it was?
I was a Nuclear Electronics Technician in the Navy '92 - 00.
My husband has ALS. He was in the Marines when he was young, then later in life was in the USAR and Oklahoma NG. While in the National Guard he was deployed to Iraq for 13 months, which is when and where his symptoms started.

Shelly, caregiver of Eddie
Thank You

Thank you to those who have responded. I am wondering becuase I was in the first gulf war and they say solidiers who were there have 2 times a chance of getting ALS then thise who were not there. Thank You also for those who ahve served
Actually studies have shown that any veteran is slightly more than twice as likely to develop ALS regardless of when or where they served. Currently the VA will only presumptively connect vets that were in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations between August 2, 1990 and July 31, 1991. I'm fighting this fight now to get all vets with ALS service connected. If you want info let me know I can give you links to all the documents and studies I've found thus far.
I served in the navy from 86 - 95, was in the Persian Gulf during operation Praying Mantis and Good Will in 1988. Currently working with the PVA and DAV for VA disability. Diagnosed at 39. This is the first time I've posted and would like to thank everybody for thier help over the last year and half, just been reading the posts and letting it all sink in. God Bless, Pops.
My father was a veteran - navy, Korean war. He also worked as a mechanical engineer for Westinghouse for many years, doing something with nuclear power (I'm sorry I don't know exactly what).
My husband was in the Vietnam in 1969-70. He worked in communications. He told me that he didn't do any fighting while there.

Yep, my dad served!

I have been a believer that some of the things my dad was exposed to in the Vietnam war most definately contributed to his ALS. Maybe I am wrong but I don't think so in my heart of hearts! I've heard too many stories of fireman, war veterians, etc that are exposed to chemicals (breathing them in) that have developed ALS. Coincidence...I don't think so...Just my two cents worth...:wink:

I agree

The veterans and others that have been exposed do have a better chance of getting sick ALS or something else. I think the VA should step up and take care of them not base it off if you were in a certain place or when you came down with it. Just beause symptoms did not devolpe within a certain time fame does not mean you could not come down with something later on. I Thankl all of you that serve and those who's relatives served and also on this journey of lent may God be with all of you here
I don't know if you've looked at this guys site yet, but he has alot of information on there, and he does talk about military persons who have ALS

hope its ok to post the link...i found it on this site on the home page.
If you found it here then it must be good. LOL.
I firmly believe there is a connection between ALS and the military. I have 3 family members who all were veterans...except my sister who was married to an officer for 20 years and they lived on bases in Japan, Hawaii and the Phillipines and travelled all over the world together. My father was a World War II vet in the Navy and my brother has a 100% service connected disability. My personal opinion is that there are genetic predispositions that are triggered by environmental factors.

There is one thing I would like to accomplish for all veterans due to my personal experience with my brother. He was diagnosed BY THE VA with ALS in May of 2007. He didn't receive his benefits until February of 2008. There is no excuse for that. Social Security had his money in 4 days. I will personally fight the battle to close that time gap to a reasonable time period to the best of my ability. That has been an unnecessary cause of stress and has meant that my brother was unable to experience a few things he wanted to before he became too sick to. Shame shame on our US Government.
retired marine here

hi all this is Deidra retired in 2002.currently diagnosed with PLS been symptomatic since 2003 finally diagnosed in 2007 its been a long journey. look forward to hearing from my brothers in arms.

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