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Feb 28, 2008
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I'm still in the early stages of something (still undiagnosed) and will have to travel soon. My symptoms are mainly spasticity, cramps, balance and weakness. Does anyone have any advice about flying with these symptoms? I'm still pretty mobile but I do use a cane to assist with balance and weakness and to prevent from falling due to my legs not picking up very high. Is it best to sit near the front, rear, near the restroom, aisle, etc... How do you handle the inevitable cramping that will occur from being on a six hour flight?
I care for my dad and we've never been on a plane since his diagnosis, but i would probably say it would be easier to sit on an aisle seat so it would give you a little more room to move your legs. Once the plane is up in the air and going steady they will let you know when you can unbuckle your seatbelt, then you can get up and move around and stretch. Or maybe you could get a first class seat or something more comfortable.
Thanks. I think I'll do the aisle. I generally fly a few times a year for work but this is the first since the symptoms appeared. Aisle makes sense. I don't know if work will spring for 1st class. I doubt it. But I may be able to upgrade using my miles. I used to take the emergency seat because they don't have seats in fornt of them, but you have to be capable of helping other people out in the event of an emergency and I don't know if my balance and strength would hold up.
I fly a couple of times a year and know the worries you are having. I always re-read the past threads on this subject, especially Quadbliss's advice, in order to help me prepare for a flight.

Like you, I worry about falling in the airport or on the plane, but if this happens folks will just have to pick me up! :-D The cramping is the worst part. I stretch a lot before getting on the plane and take extra Quinine. My worst fear is a little more personal as i am sometimes bowel incontinent but that has not happened lately so I try not to think about what would happen if there was a long line on the plane and I could not "make it" in time.
I'm not familiar with the former post you alluded to. I'll have to find it. Thanks for the advice. So far my only worry is the spasms and falling. I can understand how the other issues would be concerning too though. I suppose I should start preparing myself for them now!
Try a search on air travel from the tab at the top of your screen. As for the "other issues," I keep a change of clothing, some baby wipes, an an adult diaper in special totes. I have one at the office, one in every vehicle I am likely to travel in, and one ready to take on a long plane trip.

I have never needed these totes yet, but prior to my taking this precaution, there were at least 2 public incidents, a couple when I was on the highway and could not pull off soon enough, and several at my home that nobody knew about. The ones at home happened when we had weekend guests because we only have one bathroom. If anybody needs to know this sort of information, an old plastic bucket makes an excellent impromptu "potty" in a pinch. :-D

My main fear is that some day I will get stuck on the tarmac for hours and hours while trying to leave the airport. I seem to have that kind of luck, sort of like "Murphy's Law." As evidenced by the fact that now that I am reasonably prepared, I have never needed my emergency totes. :-D
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