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Oct 16, 2012
Learn about ALS
Hello PALS. I am fairly new to this forum and first want to thank each and everyone of you for having a place to go to discuss ALS or MND's in general. I have a few symptoms I'd like to run by you if I may. FYI: I have been to my GP twice and I have a neuro appointment coming up 10/29/12.

So, starting Sept. 21 (or right around there) I had a twitch on my lower right bicep. No biggie I thought. I lift and run so I figured it was just a tired muscle and will do that. I've had them before. No biggie. About a wee and a half later (muscle still twitching) my whole body started going. Ok. Interesting I thought. I was just coming off Flovent for the summer season and thought it might be a withdraw symptom. Couldn't find that withdraw symptom so I went in to my GP to get some bloodwork and check up on Oct. 1st. He did a basic neuro test/strength test which he said seemed fine. He did a basic metabolic plus Lyme disease. All came back clear. Cool. he said if it's still happening in a week, come back and we'll check some more things out and consider a neuro.

Oct 8th came and the twitching was still going on and my anxiety was up some because this is all new to me. Checked Google (bad) but found your site and the BFS site (good). I went back to the doc and her ran more specific blood tests for vitamin deficiency (calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium). Also, he did more strength tests (more comprehensive than before) and saw I had a slight tremor and very slight hyperflexia. My doc said even he has a tremor so again I didn't think much of it as long as I pass the strength tests. The blood worjk showed a deficiency in Vitamin D (27 mg). Aha! Hopefully that's why the twitching was going on. I was put on 50,000 IU's once a week for eight weeks. He still wanted me to go to the neuro so I made the appointment and waiting.

Since I've been waiting, twitches are less frequent for sure, but still there. Also, there has been a "fatigued feeling" in my left forearm. My left pinky movs in a "robotic" like fashion whan I wake up in the morning. Meaning, it does what i say (good) but in three movements. Also, it feels heavy. Gets better in the day with more use it seems. Also, lower left leg seems a bit heavier. Ah, gotta love perception. Mind is a powerful weapon. This morning when I was getting up, when I closed my hand, it was robotic. Close some, stop, close more, stop. Close all the way, then was able to open and close fairly smoothly. After reading lots of PALS info over the last few weeks, these symptoms don't seem to fit ALS, but it's still on the mind. FYI: I'm 41 which is still kind of young, but can certainly happen.

Finally, another interesting issue is the mass between my thumb and forefinger (top of hand) on my left hand is less than the right hand. To me, not too shocking considering I'm right handed. I thought weights would have solved that since I would be gripping so I thought they should be more even. It might be atrophy from something in the past and just noticed it now. However, since I can do things I've always done before, not too concerned (but a little)

From most of the past posts here, I figured the muscle would be just not working one day and not just giving out slowly? Considering I'm typing this using all my digits would also be a good sign. Also, these symptoms just started a little over a month ago and that seems like it would be the fastest acting form of ALS. I know there are lots of MND's, but I just wanted your input to see if anyone ever had symptoms like these or is this way off base? Right now my candidates are BFS, ALS, PD, or pinched nerve (but I would think I'd have pain).Any feedback would be appreciated from your group! Any questions you may have I'll be happy to answer. I hope this was thourough enough info. Thanks again! ;-)
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