Any extraordinary good news today for ALS medication ?

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May 7, 2003
Dear Specialists,

Are there any extra researches taking place today for a cure for ALS ? Only people with ALS know what we are going through, emotionally, and physically, spiritually, etc. exactly. Some of the public do not bother even to read something about ALS, PALS and CALS.

Can the studies be done more with more moguls? Lou Gehrig Died in 1941, with ALS, over 60 years ago ! No cure yet. No one knows for sure, what causes ALS. Therefore how can they look for a cure ?

According to statistics, those are global researches. How many researches and studies are going on every week, searching for what is/are causing ALS , and a cure for ALS?

Thank you
Wabush,NF & LAB, Canada
Hi Stella
I agree with Kim I too have been on the site I do not post often but visit daily to read all the new info that is going on with ALS research.
Like K said Kim you do have to have an internet server provider to be registered no free services can register such as

I am so sorry to hear about Henry I know that you both have been battling so hard from removing fillings to change of diet ect. the whole nine yards while it seems to have given him more time with his family it is so unfortunate that the hard battle you are fighting cannot change the ending. I am so angry at this disease that it has made me sick on so many days even at the somewhat petty problems some of my friends and family members complain about. I found myself not wanting to go out into the world. It takes so much energy while you are caring and fighting this disease that when it finally seeks its end the world you are left with is changed so much. The choices to help and continue to help those who are still battling are mine to take and I wake up every day with this in mind and try to make it my one priority to talk with at least one unsuspecting soul about als. Ifs are so empty my heart aches for my little brother and the life he could and should have enjoyed. This Christmas we will celebrate without him for the first time we will light a candle and go around and try to think of the good memories and honour the fighting spirit he showed and shared with us while he was here.

It is so hard to loose a loved one before they have completed some of their dreams, his daughter now 9 lives in Scotland she does not know her father has died as they were estranged, I got my 7 year old grandaughter to write to her just after my brother died in June we sent pictures of us and some canadian pins ect.. we wanted to know if she would like a Canadian pen pal her mom was friends with me before she left Canada.
I did not hear back, I know that when Craig was alive she felt a tremondous guilt that she had taken his daughter away and he did not get to meet her before he died. She did call when she learned about Craigs illness and let his daughter speak to him. When I did not hear back I was afraid I would loose a part of Craig that was so important to him he had spent the last eight years looking for her. I thought at least we could stay in touch I did not follow up in respect of what her mom was going through
lo and behold last week a parcel arrived from Scotland I was so excited when I walked down to the post office I hugged the package all the way home knowing inside was a message from my niece the first piece of handwriting of a little girl that meant so much to me. I am at peace now because my brother died in my arms and I promised him I would be a life teacher for his daughter and try to care for her for him. The connection has been established and now my grandaughter and his daughter are PEN PALS I could not be happier to continue the hopes that he had of some day meeting her. Her mom says they are coming to Cananda this summer and we can all get to meet Craigs daughter for the very first time.

Life is strange unpredictable and I know I am babling on and it has nothing to do with the thread Stella started and I do apologize but my fingers just kept on typing they sometimes get ahead of me.

Sorry Joy
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