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Aug 4, 2007
Sylvan Lake
I am completely lost, I don't know what to do. I have an undiagnosed neurological condition and am just getting worse. The worst part of it all is it has really effected my memory thinking etc. My husband works away for twenty days at a time. I don't drive anymore so he fills the house with groceries and then had to go to work. I have someone who can pick up a few things but that's about it. I have no family help. So here I struggle just to get through everyday and just to care for myself but I also care for my six month old son. It's getting so stressful every day I don't know how I'll make it through the next day. I feel so bad for my son he is stuck in the house. I need help, everytime I tell my husband, he just says he does not know what to do. So I am just left alone so sick with my son. My husband is so worried when he leaves, it's just the bills mortage keep coming. Is there any advice on what to do? I need help, I just am at a loss for what to do?
I don't know what kind of services are there in Canada, but here in the states we have Health and Human Resources, I am so sure that Grampa Al would know. I really admire him, he reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw my husband play his guitar!WOW! I know he will know, he is a godsend, good man
The ALS Society will be able to advise you on home care help you can get in your area as well as possibly helping with support issues. I've sent you a PM as well dealing with the other issues.


sorry you have so much to deal with. what you describe reminds me of when I had undiagnosised Lyme disease--for 8 years. Have u been checked for that?

No have not been checked for Lymes? Does it cause muscle wasting? Can I call an ALS society when I don't have a diagnosis? My face and jaw is really effected lately, I don't know what it will take for them to diagnose me. I've never even been given an emg. I've had spinal tap, mri, nerve conduction all normal. I going to do what al advised and just demand to be sent to a als/mnd clinic. As well I am going to see some naturopath in British Columbia. One other question for someone that has als. My hands are both evenly wasted, palms are hollow, fingers starting to bend in, my face is flat on the on side, I am starting to have trouble swallowing but the other day mind you I pushed myself, I walked eight blocks to my friends house then back with my son in the stroller. Mind you my legs twitched a tonne and I was paying for it for a few days. I was quite amazed with myself, my husband says you can't be dying how could you walk so far if you were. I know it's something neurological, but would it be possible to walk that far in early als/mnd?
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