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Jul 28, 2012
Learn about ALS
Hi people just like to start off by saying what a great site this is and how unbelievably helpful i've found a lot of the stickies and also reading people's posts. I've been using this sight for the last couple of months, well I say using more like coming on here everyday in a panic and trying to reassure myself nothing was wrong. Which because of the great info on here worked to an exstent but in the end fear did get the better of me. I didn't want to be someone jumping straight onto the site typing in my symptoms and telling everyone I have ALS because I no that can be frustrating. So instead I went to docs and they sent me to see a neuro which I did yesterday morning. My symptoms by the way were weakness in my left arm really slight cramps but not very often and a lot of muscle twitching. Which when typed into google as you all no comes up ALS that accompanied with my old rugby coach sadly passing away a couple of Years ago from ALS just seemed to trigger some insane fear off which I never fealt before. Anyway back to the neuro he was great such a nice man and he said he's dealt with so many ALS patients and after all the tests by hand he did on me that there was not one sign of ALS and he was pretty much certain it wasn't that. He said he wouldn't even think of putting me in for an emg because there was nothing to show I needed one. He put me in for an MRI but he said that wasn't because he was worried but because he new I was and he wanted to put my mind at rest. So for all that worrying it ends up I just seem to have extreme anxiety, stress and maby paranoier. I suppose what I want to say to everyone on here getting in states like I have been, to go down the correct path as I did don't just come on sites like this trying to basically tell yourself you have ALS, although by what I've read the people on here seem great to talk to with excellent advice, but if your anything like me nothing will make you feel better than an actual neuro telling you that it's nothing.

I now know what real fear can make a person feal like and it is not nice. Even yesterday afternoon and today I've been thinking did I tell him everything, is he right? And I remembered I didn't tell him about my right thumb spasms which has been one of my most irritating symptoms. Unlike my other twitches what were just happening at random the ones in my thumb are always after something ie when pulling sheets of wood out at work then letting them go ,from the base of my thumb up will start going into abit of a mad twitching spasm. I don't know how I forgot to tell him but I did so even now I have a thought there that he might of missed something because I didn't mention it. But in the back of my mind I no even if I did I'd of probably got the exact same answer from the neuro and even though I didn't the tests he did would of shown him something.

So now I find myself trying to convince myself it's probably just the tendon or even still just another thing from anxiety. Even though I'm still getting thoughts like this all I keep thinking is how confident the neuro was with me and it makes me feel ok again and the thoughts just must be another sign of fear mixed with anxiety. I'm going to stop rambling on now. But I'd just like to again say how helpful this site has been leading up to seeing the neuro and if anyone feels they have fear or symptoms like I did and wanted a chat to try and ease there fear I don't have a problem with that. So just give me a shout.
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