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Jan 20, 2007
Just wanted to let you know we went for the breathing tests for Dick yesterday and he is 50% less capacity than six months ago. The doctor advised he has between one to three months left. I was trying to deal with six months and hospice, but I am not ready for one to three months. Everyone but Dick is having a very hard time with this. We hope he will make to his family reunion for the 4th of July. He eats, walks and just does not look like a man that is dying. This has progressed so fast, not even a year since diagnosed.
He feels it would be better to pass before everything shuts down as it did for his grandfather when all he could move was his eyes. Last week we were figuring maybe it was time for a feeding tube, even though he could still eat, I never thought we would be discussing this. This is so hard to get control of. I want to have a big party for him so all the many people that care for him can see him, as it horrifies me to think all these people would be at his funeral and Dick would never know how loved he is. I am all cried out today, depressed and in denial and at the same time so in touch with all of this. Thank you for being there.
Phyl, I am so sorry to hear of Dick's prognosis, and can only imagine how hard of a blow that is for you all. Remember that doctors are soooo often wrong about projections on how long a person has left to live. I remember when a dear friend of mine was given a prognosis of 6 months, but lived for almost two years. I was absolutely crushed with that 6-month prognosis, and my husband very succinctly and wisely stated, "She's not dead yet." Meaning, celebrate her life today. Dick is eating, walking and not looking like a man who is dying. Try to enjoy that for however long it lasts. Have that party; I think it will be good for Dick, for all those who love him, and also for you. Be good to yourself through this. Dick and you are in my prayers.

Hi Phyl,

That had to be a shock, I'm so sorry.

A party will probably be a good thing. Hopefully, it will lift his spirits and give you some needed support.

Take care.

Hello Phyl. Sorry you and Dick had a bad report at the clinic. Let's hope there is wiggle-room for more time and less complications. Let us know how the party goes. What a caring and wonderful idea! Cindy
...after all, the prognosis is only an educated guess. I will keep you guys in my prayers.
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