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Aug 9, 2006
I am writing today with a heavy and very saddened heart.
Some of you are familiar with my families story. For those of you that aren't, I will tell you a little bit about us.

My great grandparents had 4 sons. The oldest died of polio at age 4, my grandfather at age 44 from ALS, my great uncle at 44 from an aneurism and the 4th son died at age 64 from ALS. My uncle died at age 26 from ALS. My mother was diagnosed in Dec 05and passed 10-28-06, her cousin, daughter of the man who died at 64, was diagnosed a month after my mom. Until now, we have all been praying that my uncle Dick, the one who died from the aneurism, did not carry the gene. He and his wife had 6 kids, now 5, we lost one a few years ago to lung cancer. The 5 remaining kids are all middle aged. Their branch of our family seemed to luck out on this one. Until now. My grandmother just informed me that one of my great uncle Dick's daughters was just diagnosed. Because of our family history, diagnosis does not take long. Toppy, her nickname, didn't want to let our family know that she was being tested in light of the situation with my mother passing, but now the truth is out and our family will endure losing yet another member to this disease.

Some people that I know have commented on how completely baffling it is to them that our family is so large and still so close. I know that alot of people out there are not so fortunate. Families grow and part. People move away, start their own families and some lose touch. My family is not like that. Most of us live in the same state, even the same county. And the ones that do not are always in constant contact. I know Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I just wanted to reflect. I am so grateful for my family, even if we are dropping like flies from this seemingly meaningless and stupid disease. It hurts to have to lose people this way, but the one thing we are guaranteed in this life is death. I can accept that. I know that God has a divine plan and that some how we all fit into it. So even though I'm venting and calling this disease stupid, which I still think it is, no matter how painful, tragic, peaceful, stupid, or seemingly meaningless death can be, it is never out of God's hands. And I don't believe that anyones life ends meaninglessly.

Thanks for once again letting me vent.

Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a blessed holiday season.
We always have something to be thankful for!

Love, Sara
Hi Sara. I don't know what to say. I too feel your sadness that so many bad things can happen in one family. Luckily you have a large family to help and support each other. Keep in touch. AL.
so sorry


i am so sorry to hear about your cousin. as you know from my other replys my family also has FALS and the fear can be paralyzing- wondering who will be the next to be diagnosed. your family is in my prayers. Leslie

I'm very sorry to hear of all your loses, but i agree with you that God has a plan and a reason for each one of us. I am thankful for you that your family is a close one. My family is going thru alot of health problems right now too. Not nearly as bad as yours but bad enough. We almost lost my brother in law ,, two days ago. Due to gainegreen in his gall bladder. But praise God ,, he came thru the surgery and is doing much better. My great nephew,,10 years old,, has MD and most likely won't live much longer. He is having trouble with his liver. My brother is undergoing more tests ,, to figure out what is wrong with him. I don't think it is going to turn out to be ALS,, but it's still too early to tell yet. About all anyone can do, is tell you were here when you need a shoulder. And know that you are in my/our prayers.

Love and Prayers
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