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Feb 22, 2007
Angela Lansbury and Lucie Bruijn

Booked on Three National Shows to Launch

The CURE ALS Campaign

Communications is pleased to announce that our media outreach effort has secured three high-profile, national media bookings for Angela Lansbury and Lucie Bruijn as we launch the CURE ALS public service campaign in support of research.

Today on NBC - April 1

Ms. Lansbury and Dr. Bruijn will make a joint live appearance on Today. Ms. Lansbury will discuss her involvement with The Association, the new PSA campaign, and Dr. Bruijn will speak about The Association's research program. The segment is expected to include the first media airing of the new PSA, as well as exclusive interviews with Ms. Lansbury at her Los Angeles home. Gary Leo also was interviewed for this segment. We expect that Today will provide a link to The Association's website on the show's website. At this time, we have not been apprised of which hour the segment will air. Check the link and information about this show at

CBS Weekend Roundup with Dan Raviv - April 12

This 8-10 minute network radio interview with Ms. Lansbury and Dr. Bruijn will cover the same topics, with an expected airing of the radio PSAs. The show is aired on the CBS Radio Network. Check with your local CBS affiliate for the air time in your city. If you miss the broadcast, go to to download a podcast.

Associated Press Wire and AP Online Video Network- April 15

Ms. Lansbury and Dr. Bruijn will sit down for an extensive interview with AP Entertainment Correspondent Frazier Moore. The interview will produce an internationally-distributed AP wire service story and a video broadcast that will be available to 1,000 websites that subscribe to the wire service. The wire service interview could appear in local newspapers as early as April 15. The AP Online Video Network broadcast could appear on local television affiliates as a television news broadcast or as a news clip on the websites of these stations.

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Jeff, thank you for this post. I emailed the today show at I begged them to bring to air the national registry act, senator Tom Coburn's actions, and the desperate plea of those of us living with this disease. Many years ago I had the pleasure of spending a Christmas with Mrs. Lansbury, Mr. Shaw, her son Anthony and his family. It was a particularly lonely time for me, and they were gracious enough to invite me in. She is a sweet, lovely woman, as is the entire family. I doubt very much she would recall me, it doesn't matter, and really, isn't relevant to this story other than her sweet and generous nature. I hope she mentions the registry act. Either way, we are getting much needed publicity.. yahoo!
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