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Aug 11, 2007
I was wondering if anyone else that has ALS or is being under watch for it experiences problems with anesthesia. I am allergic to a few of them, but this last time in the hospital the one i took had a muscle relaxer and i was suppose to stay laying down. My mouth was closed shut because of dehydration and i tried to tell them i could not breathe, it felt like an elephant on my chest, the nurses kept saying "We gave you the benedryl to counteract the allergic reaction, your fine its just a panic attack." I could not breathe out of my nose strong enough, and i wanted to sit up in the worst way, i knew if i sat up i could breathe and catch my breathe but they would not let me because of ultrasound... I could not get my point across because i could barely talk. So i prayed in my mind to god to take over my breathing while i close my eyes and go to sleep. I awoke 30 minutes later, to a glass being handed to me to drink for cat scan. The nurse said "You have a half hour to drink this, it can be hard." I downed that drink like i had never tasted liquids before and was ready for my next one ten minutes later. It is scary because i never know if what is going on is muscle or organ related... Next time i am going to insist a certain type of pain releiver, i just have to remember what one did not cause an allergic reaction, my chest is not strong so it takes me awhile to gain my breathe back. Something my doc did not warn me about was the easy ability to become dehydrated, then coupled with stomach flu it was severe. Does anyone know of a friendly pain reliever for people with MND or ALS? Thanks Sam..
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