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Aug 2, 2008
Forgive me forum, its' been many months since my last thread!

I thought I'd give you that have known me in the past an update regarding my well-being. You may remember I had 2 neuros suspect I may have PLS, a 3rd suspected I may have psoriatic arthritis (based on the discovery of inverse psoriasis and identical "o" bands in blood serum and csf) but subsequently rejected by a rheumy that couldn't find any arthritis and a 4th neuro discovered I have a small fiber neuropathy (skin biopsy revealed this).

I feel crappy on a daily basis but who on this forum doesn't? Meds don't help. I've tried baclofen and gabapentin but life goes on and the bills need to be paid. So, I work because I can and I have to.

Muscle tightness and twitches are constant as is muscle fatigue but life goes on and the bills have to be paid and the grandkids are coming tomorrow! (Great, great fun!)

So, PLS was the best guess at the time but probably not correct.

Here's to PZ Laboratories Inc and the days of "The Forum Follies".
I was just thinking about you this morning Kim! Wondering where you had gone off too. Glad your still around! Docs are great at spending your money and not giving you solid answers, because after all, that is what they do best! Practice medicine on you!

So hopefully we will see more of your PZ lab stunts and comments and more of you! Hugs!
Gee, Kim, it's only been 5 years and you want answers? (Insert sarcasm here)

I'm right there with you in the 'no one knows what the heck is going on" place--but it sounds like they have found at least one answer for you! Keep your chin up!
Have missed PZ!
So sorry there's no relief for you.
Enjoy the grands!
zaphio....glad your back...johnnio.....hard game this diagnosed business init..
Great to see you Kim. Annie loved the forum follies and enthusiastically gave me daily updates on the latest adventure:smile:! She was always laughing at the antics of the various characters:lol:. It served as a great distraction and stress reliever. Thanks!
Nice to see you posting again...we missed you.

- Jerry
Yep, good to see you back; your posts always remind me of the old maxim that laughter is the best medicine. It's a lot less expensive than the rest as well...
Sorry it's hard on you Kim but it sure is good to see you! Hang in there Babe! :)
Hi Kim, good to see you here again! I loved reading the Follies, always amazed me the creativity!
Hang in there,'ve got a LOT of intestinal fortitude.....God Bless....
Hi Kim,

Hang in there.
I will send you another case of Coopers to sip on. :smile:

Cheers from " down under"
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