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Jun 16, 2010
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i m from andhra pradesh india and my father is diagnosed with als in 2004...since then symptoms slowly started and his completely disabled now..when my father diagnose after a year or so i used get the muscle shaking(i dont know the scintific term of thet)..and now 6 years iam having this but there is no muscle wasting pain...or my muscle strength is alright.....these shaking is found when iam resting suddenly in thighs or any where in the i going to get als in i also having the sam e dark future as that of my father....i am 22 e are in remote town in india ....we are so much depressed with my father ...what to do any help this familial als....plz help me...
Twitching like you describe can be from stress or any number of different things. I am sorry about your father. There is only a 5-10% chance for familial ALS. You are young for it as well. If you are worried, I would see a doctor but twitching usually means nothing serious.

sir im so worried .........did any experienced this type of of problem.....plz help me....
as we r from india no doctor has a good knowledge about this disease and no body ever seen this type of disease no good madicenes are available ...sir..any one help me..
The muscle twitching or 'shaking' can be from one of any hundred or so causes, including too much worry.

As Al said, the chances are very low, so I would say to try not to worry and focus on your time with your father. Put your effort into living life...not worrying about what may or may not happen.
jett - there are no medicins anywhere just keep learning from us how to make your dad as comfortable as possiable and support him far as you go ,as everyone said many things can cause this it don't mean you are going to get it and there is nothing to prevent it ... i know it's hard not to worry about it but , you can try to live as normal and happy as you can and remember anyone can die at any moment so , dont borrow trouble dont look for it just enjoy what you can and live as much as you can each day you have
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