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Dec 14, 2005
UPDATE: Mannatech is a SCAM - don't waste your money or time on this Multi-level marketing scam!

Mannatech makes this and a friend told me that it helps Auto-immune diseases, like ALS, MS, Parkinsons etc. Dose anyone have at least a 3 month trial of this for ALS? What is your opinion?
Thanks, Sarah :confused:
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Did your friend tell you that mannatech is a multi-level marketing company? And that they will do anything to get you involved?

The system works by luring individuals in to purchase products, then convincing those same people to also sell the products.

The best remedy is to not discuss <a href='../scamwatch/mannatech.php'>mannatech</a> at all.

I know of someone with ALS that purchased many thousands of dollars of mannatech supplements and was very unhappy at being ripped off. After approaching the seller and questionning them on their earlier statements the person started to reel and shift blame, denying large parts of what they had said earlier.

Avoid mannatech and any of their supplements or remedies - it's a complete scam.

Searching for more information about mannatech? Good luck, don't bother doing it online, try finding credible information in a scientific journal perhaps.

The only truth you'll find online about mannatech online is by searching for negative posts from random people - 99.99% of anything you read online about mannatech is written, produced, and distributed by people that are involved in the MLM business of it - and those people are never available for an honest answer.

Even scarier, 99% of the positive reviews that you will find about mannatech online is also posted by mannatech representatives.

There's is some limited information about Mannatech available at: and
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I agree with David, Ambrotose is a fraud

Dear Sarah,

I am brand new to this site but when I saw your question I knew that I had information to share. My dad was diagnosed in June 2005 with the bulbar form of ALS. At that time we would try anything that seemed "harmless" and claimed it could create a miracle result. But David is 100% accurate in his description of Mannatech and Ambrotose. My dad took the powder for @ 4months and all it did was upset his stomach. (And it was expensive!). I do believe it is a scam product.

Leslie's Aunt-Manatech

I agree, as I tried the product and all it did was upset my stomach. I have heard some good reports but overall nothing that will help an ALS patient.
Welcome ladies. Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. Leslie I sent you a reply to your personal message. Cordele Ga. is on I-75 isn't it? I'm pretty sure I've spent a few nights there coming and going to Florida. If I'm wrong about where it is there must have been something going on there because the name is familiar.
I was on Gyconutrients for 2 months no improvement just every expensive its a scam and the guy that works there was always on my email anoying us so much my husband called him up tell him to leave us alone. than he asked us if we would sell it we would get 9 dollars off a jar which was 110 dollars and lasted 2 weeks. BE AWARE! pat
I used to give Eric Edney the benefit of the doubt, until he stated that the only supplements he takes now are manufactured by Mannatech - that when I realized that he must be a fraud.

Avoid Mannatech.

On the subject of multi level marketing scams like Mannatech - don't get sucked in by the Noni juice scam either. It is also being marketed by a multi level organization. I was recently in the South Pacific and saw many Noni trees. The fruit smells like rotten cheese and the locals joked about how Westerners are being scammed by this product.
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