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Mar 5, 2006
I was wondering if anyone has problem with their teeth and have shown any improvement in their condition with replacement of their amalgam or silver fillings.

thanks, whitey:
I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with their teeth and if their condition has improved by replacing their amalgam or silver fillings or if they have heard anything about amalgam filling problems with anyone.

thanks, whitey
Hi Whitey. When I mentioned this to my dentist he said he wouldn't mind me giving him the money for it but didn't think it necessary. He figures what little mercury is leaking into your system is not worth the aggravation of all the pain and money to replace them. He did offer to use the white filling when and if I did need a replacement. That being said there are proponents of detoxifying your whole body and that means fillings. They want you to cleanse all the toxins from your body and will sell you kits and herbs to do it. They'll tell you to buy a large juicer and only drink home made juice from organic veggies. Don't eat meat and drink distilled water. I guess it works for some but the mainstream ALS people don't go for it. If life is going to be short Why be miserable?
It may prolong your life by being cleansed but then again it may not. Praying might help but then again it may not. You have to look at the big picture and then do what YOU think is right for you. You might want to read the thread on clay foot baths. I found it a little amusing myself. But then I try not to get serious about the small stuff. Take care and feel free to ask what you need to know.
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hey al do you know if it is a symptom of als to have sore teeth and a metallic taste in your mouth.

thanks, whitey
I looked into the amalgam filling issue and found no scientific evidence to support any relation between amalgam fillings and ALS. On the other hand a number of PALS offer anecdotal evidence suggesting that removing the fillings helped them; I think Carol Doeber has posted that Henry had his fillings removed. Personally I despise dental work so I'm going to need a lot more evidence before doing something that radical.

I have never heard of sore teeth or metallic taste as an ALS symptom, though some medicines have been noted to cause a metallic taste (the sleeping pill Lunesta and its related pill Zopiclone amongst them).
I've heard that there's a big risk with having your fillings taken out. If they goof up just a little bit, the mercury goes straight into your bloodstream rather than just leeching into it. Is this true?

Hi Whitey. We had someone ask the same question a while back and the only thing I think that came of it was a medication. Can't remember the most likely culprits but someone should be able to refresh our memories. Marcia. I can't think of any way it would get into your bloodstream other than if you swallowed some of the filling. Most dentists put that rubber thing that reminds me of a diaphram or some other way to stop you from swallowing the gunk. And according to my dentist you have more to worry about putting on anti-perspirant. Most of them have aluminum in them. Can't live in a bubble so just try to avoid as much chemical as you can I guess.
Hi Whitey,
As Al mentioned, there was a post about someone having a metalic taste in their mouth, and that it might be from a medication but my memory is no better than Al's.

I have problems with my teeth because of my jaws, tongue and mouth muscles being affected by ALS, I grind my teeth and clench my teeth together, so they are sometimes sore. I also broke a filling and part of a tooth off by grinding. Had to have it repaired. It seems strange, when everything is getting weak, that my jaws are strong enogh to do this. You did say that your teeth were sore, could it be something like this? Are your tongue and mouth muscles affected by ALS?
Dad had all of his fillings removed and replaced with the white ones and it did nothing to slow down the progression or stop it. Things continued to progress, and all it left dad with was a numb mouth and a big dentist bill. Not worth it. But, dad wanted to try everything he could to possibly stop this disease and so I don't think he regrets having the fillings replaced. At least his smile is prettier now!

thanks for all the replies everyone. The only medication I am on is nexium and I have been on that for awhile. The pain in my teeth seems to happen later in the day. At first I thought it was related to how much I do in a day but now I have noticed the teeth get sore the most right after I have eaten. Before I thought I had food allergies to nuts because I would get very bad headaches and stomach aches after eating them. Now I have figured out it happens from overeating any foods so that's why I am wondering if it has something to do with my teeth and how much I am chewing hard food. I have had a couple of mishaps with my teeth a few years ago with a tooth that broke in half with a silver filling in it and also breaking a gold crown which my dentist said he had never seen before. Both my sisters had a lot of health problems too. My one sister was told she had marphan's syndrome with lots of joint pain but after removing her silver fillings she was all better. My early symptoms were back, neck,joint pain,numb feet. Then I seemed to develop more of als symptoms, cramping of hands and feet, weakness in the shoulders and knees, muscle wasting,tight thighs, trouble swallowing. I don't think I have followed the usual sequence of als symptoms so I thought I would look into this amalgam issue. I have 9 silver fillings and 2 gold crowns in my mouth so I was thinking of removing a few of them to see if the pain would go away in those teeth.

thanks, whitey
teeth pulled

all my trouble started when i had my teeth pulled 6mts ago i had silver and they pulled them out because the teeth rotted under the fillings it was about 2 mts later and all heck broke loose.

best wishes
Sell the gold to pay for the silver. Take a vacation with any left overs. Hope you don't mind my weird sense of humour Whitey. By the way my mouth does get more tired than it used to from chewing too much.
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whitey said:
I was wondering if anyone has problem with their teeth and have shown any improvement in their condition with replacement of their amalgam or silver fillings.

thanks, whitey:

After reading Eric Edney's book which referenced amalgams I was referred to a web-site: or it may be .org. (I forget). I found my way around...lots of topics dental fillings/amalgams. Suggest you do the same.

The "pull your fillings out" to stop ALS progression is a scam; don't listen to those people that suggest it.

Wishing you the best,
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Hi Whitey. If you go back over Carol's posts I believe she said that Henry had his changed and it made no difference, but how do you tell anyway? I asked my dentist about it and he said sure he'd like the money but drilling and yanking them out would give your system a bigger dose of mercury than leaving them in. He had read about ALS patients getting it done before I had asked him and he felt that it wasn't worth the bother. When a Dr. doesn't want to take your money I tend to believe what he's saying. Only one guys opinion but there are others that will say Yank them all. Edney included.

While we're on the subject of questionable practices take a look at this site. Very interesting things to say about a lot of different treatments. Everyone on the forum should read this one. Go to the site and on the left side is a link for Quackery and Misinformation.
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