Am I on the wrong path?

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Dec 31, 2023
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I'm a 35-year-old male and one month ago my left arm started feeling a bit weird, I don't know how to explain it but it just felt different, over the last four weeks I've noticed the pain that tends to move around from my fingers (mainly thumb and index finger, through my forearm, elbow and occasionally to my shoulder, this tends to happen when I'm using the arm (lifting it, holding something heavier, or even just typing on my keyboard) it almost feels like other muscles are working harder than they usually would.

I've also had very short (one or two hit) twitches randomly all over my body, probably two or three a day that last for a second or two. I also seem to be getting fatigued in all other areas of my body easily for no reason, for example, the tops of my feet will be sore, my calves, my thighs, and even both arms and hands sometimes, but there is a lingering more noticeable issue with the left hand it just feels slow. I've also had a tiny amount of numbness on the tip of each index finger (one time for about 5 minutes),

- I also have a tiny bit of pain in my neck that tends to come and go every three or four days, sometimes it last an hour or to and sometimes it last 12, it can lead to a headache but typically not. My only concern is that it doesn't seem to be going away, it's not getting worse or at least I don't think it is.

I've seen my GP who thinks it's just stress, a pinched nerve or tendonitis, I don't agree but I feel a little bit stuck. I'm not asking for a diagnosis just perhaps a clear mind to direct me on the right path. I've had abdominal and brain MRI scans within the last three months (all clear) other than mesenteric panniculitis.

Last night I Had one new symptom that I haven't had in decades, I woke up and my lower legs and pillow were drenched in sweat. Obviously, sweat leads to other things like cancer but I've had that much testing done in the last few years it seems unlikely. Did anybody in here get total body muscle and joint pain before they were diagnosed, also did you get neck or spine pain and random but very short twitches over your body (legitimately lasting a few seconds a few times a day if that). TIA
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Hi there-

Please make sure to read this: Read Before Posting for information about why your symptoms point away from ALS. You list so many other issues that have absolutely nothing to do with MND, so make sure to keep working with your doctor to untangle what the problem might be. It does indicate your anxiety level that you have gone straight to things like ALS and cancer instead of the myriad common issues that include the symptoms you list.

Take care
Hi ShiftKicker,
Sure I understand the rules and now I've spent a few days reading more threads on this website plus reading the "Read Before Posting" thread multiple times. It mentions that twitches aren't often the first symptom however this isn't entirely true, after watching a handful of "my story" videos online I've seen at least five of them who had twitches for the first few months followed by some form of clinical weakness. I've also seen examples of pain via muscles and joints before atrophy started.

I'm sure many posting here at anxiety riddled, but some may have a cause for that, ALS can appear in many different ways and early diagnosis can be a huge help in potentially delaying progression.
How did we get back to twitches? Most of what you describe is not that. I do not recall anyone writing as you do relative to occasional twitches as a minor key to other issues, that became ALS.

I would go back to your GP and get actually worked up for systemic illness (including postviral syndromes such as long Covid), which is what sweats, roving pain, easy fatigue, etc. often add up to. In addition, the agents used to treat mesenteric panniculitis are themselves heavy-duty and can cause issues in their own right.

Finally, sporadic neck/head pain in a specific spot should be checked with cervical spine imaging, which your GP or a neurologist can arrange. It is possible that the roving arm pain is related to C-spine nerve damage. If the imaging is negative, physio and/or therapeutic massage may be suggested.

Not sure what you're here to hear, but ALS isn't in your picture.
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