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Jun 25, 2005
Hi: Just starting this journey but already know traditional medicine ends to diagnose and pass off to the side. We have found a site call Options for ALS Have any of you found this? Are you familar with any alternative medicine approaches/ We are really interestd in hearing your opinions. We have decided since my husband's diagnosis that we are not going down without a fight and a real knock-out, drag-down one at that. Looking forward to hearing form you. hds
I spent an hour or so reading some of the info on that site. Quite a lot of information. Pals Mike at the site has quite a lot of information on alternative therapies. Try looking over there but come back here often as there is a lot of information flowing through here as well.
We started on our own 6 months ago, when dad was diagn with als. I can not suggest what you should take, or do. What I can share is, be careful how many vitamins & supplements your husband takes at one time. Being anxious to start doing someting, can lead to taking too much at once. Dad had a scare first time he took his "cocktail" of things, because he took it in all in a blender-shake and 6-8 hours later his body got into a shock, he was stiff, cramping all over, he really thought he was going to get paralyzed. Well, it passed, he drank a lot of water to flush it all out, but we were scaredout of our wits for 2 days. Drink a lot of water! Someone else in weaker state could have been in serious trouble. Since then, he had been spacing the intakes 4-5 times throughout the day. At this time, he has stopped many of the supplements, and is continuing only with Q10, creatine, mega vitamin, flax seed oil plus good nutrition diet, no red meat, no white sugar, as much as possible dark flour bread and several times a day fruit shakes/juices plus at least once a day a protein shake. We are currently trying to "clean" his system of all the over-supplementing, because he has lost his sence of slat and sugar, as a checmical reaction to something. He takes daily copper, zinc and magnesium (all liquid) and it seems some of the taste is starting to come back.
Hope something of this helps someone, it is very difficult to do things without advice, just by reading the web. But, I found, and so probably will you, this site is very helpful and there are many people willing to help in any way possible.
Hi: Glad to hear from some of you in this same leaky boat. we'll take any advise we can get. hds
[quote:d3d4866ff6="Jerry Story"]Alternative medicine is alternative quackery.[/quote:d3d4866ff6]
Hi Jerry,

Your statement is rather dismissive of medical knowledge. I have been critical on this forum, of certain “alternative medicine” therapies, but more so for their particular selling schemes…NOT for the science behind it.
Do they cost? Yep! Do they work? Who knows? I certainly don’t, as I do not hold a degree in chemistry, biology or neuro-science. Hell, I can barely spell neuro-science!

PALS and CALS are quite an enigma. We’re given notice of a disease with no cause, no cure and no treatment (of note). It is, basically, left to us to study the disease and come up with ANY solution possible. This forum works as a conduit of information for people to take and share as they see fit. Some of the therapies might go against the grain of your beliefs, but nevertheless, it may prove beneficial to someone somewhere.
You’ve provided some very good info on msg! Wouldn’t you consider this an alternative treatment?

Is alternative medicine alternative quackery? To some, perhaps. But for me, I don’t mind duck every now and then!

There is a little known branch of biology called "hygiene", which is the science of health. Most people think hygiene means washing hands. That is only one dictionary meaning of "hygiene".

Hygiene is not alternative medicine. It is alternative to medicine. It rejects all medicine, both orthodox and alternative. Much like capitalism is not a form of alternative socialism but is an alternative to socialism.

Some websites present hygiene as a form of alternative medicine. They are mistaken. Another myth about hygiene is that it is "holistic". Hygiene is not holistic.

There are many websites that explain hygiene, with varying degrees of correctness. Perhaps the best single source is:

From the above linked book, here is a chapter that explains the differences between medicine (including alternative) and hygiene.
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