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Jan 23, 2007
I have been diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS, I got a tube in May 06 and use it primarily for nuition. I am able to tongue and swallow recreational soft foods. I have limited ability to brush my teeth. Recently I noticed a different feelings about my gums constantly sore feeling. How does one prevent gum diseasewithout brushing?

I also take oxybutin for the drooling. It dries me up and I am constantly struggling with constipation. I take gytrol (diabetic formula) for nuition along with every other can 2 teaspoons of liquid colase, I also take 2 tbs of benefiber (12 oz of water) and 2 oz of prune juice with every feeding. Does anyone have a hint that could share.

Gum disease

Gary I don't know if I can help but, I went to my dentist aweek ago. i use a electric some people use water pics. i know you can't brush., my dentist gave me a floride tooth paste to leave in m y mouth for the gums mine felt funny too. may be you can get a floride rinse. Mineral oil for constipation? janf
Hi Gary. Welcome to the forum. If you click search above and type in constipation there are 2 products in 2 postings to try. One is US and one is Canadian. Hope everything works out OK. AL.
I use a rotary electric toothbrush and it is getting a bit cumbersome to hold but it will be easier for someone to do my teeth with it than a manual. Are you still able to use a mouthwash? You could even try putting thickener in it to make it easier to keep in your mouth. AL.
Hi Gary

Hi Gary:

It is very important to prevent gum disease, maybe you could ask someone to help you wash your mouth, that person could use an electric toothbrush, like Al suggested, I used to brush my husband's teeth and gums with one, but after a few month's he refused it and now I use a manual, but we do it after his three meals and everytime he eats between meals.

He can no longer use his hands, he depends totally on me.

Hope you soon find help with this,

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Baja California, Mexico

I will try them all and see what works best for me. Thanks a lot for all your input.


I Use A Natural Formula Colon Clease..............keeps It Moving Along
As Well As Colace, Senna, Olive Oil Etc
Hi Gary,
I don't know if you can eat yogurt, but the Activa yogurt helps me with the bathroom problems. I eat one everyday and it really helps.
Recently I went to the dentist with my 4 year old, and was told I was brushing her teeth wrong. that I should stand behind her to brush her teeth, that way I will know how much pressure I am putting on her teeth and gums. I have watched PSWs brush my husbands teeth, and they are so delicate about it, he says "They missed a few teeth". Hope this helps...

Hi everyone,

We use a manual toothbrush for my mum's teeth. She was using an electric toothbrush but, now prefers the manual one. We brush after everymeal and before bed... so 4 times a day. It is very important to do this as often as possible because of the limited use of her tongue to get all the food down. We continue to clean her teeth until she tells us they are clean. We go fairly slow and gentle as it is difficult to get her mouth open far enough. Sometimes we have to just get in there and look, feel and take out whatever is in there. We use a water/mouthwash rinse that she just sort of shakes in her mouth and lets fall out of her mouth into the bowl we hold at her chin. Perhaps, you can ask someone to help you clean your teeth? It's really tough, I understand that.
Taking a medicine for the drooling must be really important with bulbar ALS, but, saliva helps prevent decay and gum disease. Is your mouth too dry now?
As for the constipation, sounds like you have tried so many things already. Suppository's are another option.. I know, I know... but, they work when all else fails. Anything with magnesium is sometimes helpful and I agree, the probiotic yoghurts are really good. Has your doctor recommended anything?
There is so much trial and error with this disease until you find something that works for you.
You alwayshave such good tips, Paula-Jane! Thank you for that!:-D Cindy
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