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Jul 2, 2008
Lost a loved one
About seven months ago I started noticing my leg would lock up for about 5 seconds, then the next several months the amount of time progressed. My knee now locks (becomes very stiff and unable to bend) pretty much all day long when I try to walk. I have to pretty much drag it around. Now the locking/stiffness is starting on the other leg. I have had MRIs (normal)/cortiscone shots on my back and knee. My back hurts alot with this and my doctors says probably from the way I am walking. I also now have soreness in my left arm. I have asked the doctors about this being related to ALS and they said no because I have muscle strength. I am also able to walk on my heels, toes, and stand on one foot. I am at the point now where I will have to use a cane or some sort of walker because I am unable to walk without support.

I see a neurologist the first week of August.

My brother just died from ALS two weeks ago and I am very concerned with my symptoms. I am new to this but have been reading for weeks. Thank you wonderful people that take the time to answer and help others.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

I am so sorry about your brother, and can understand why you would be worried.
It could be coming from numerous things, Did they check you for RA. Hang in there
until your appointment .

Disturbing to hear that your brother died of ALS. You might have the familia gene and shd be tested 4 that. Look into Lithium and the following supplements: CQ-10, Limu or Gojiberry. Time is critical, things can help slow the progression. Thomas, my 7 yr. old, typed this for me.
I am sooooo sorry to hear about your brother! This must be a difficult time for you!
Your concerns are understood. but it does sound like RA or something. I am sure that you have a good idea of this due to your brother, did he have this as a symptom? I have not really heard of that being one, but what do I know?

please take care during this mourning time of your brother, I will keep you in my thoughts!

thank you for responding

Thank you so much for responding. What is RA? Sorry but I am new to all of this.
Unforunately my brother stayed away from the family the first year he had ALS as he didn't want anyone to see him in this condition. His wife decided it was time to let the family know and we spent the last year of his life with him. He was unable to speak and we never discussed his symptoms.

RA is rheumatiod arthritis. It can stiffen the joints and lock them. do you have any swelling or aching? Go see a Rheumatologist, start there. He can tell alot from some blood work.

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I sorry that your brother choose to stay away for a whole year, that must have been very hard on your family. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? Like April said RA is rhuematoid arthritis.
There are so many Autoimmune Diseases that can cause joint problems.
Thank you

I'm am 49 years old. My brother was 48 years old. I will check into RA.
This is just frustrating as I can no longer drive either as my foot locks on
the gas pedal and scares me to death.

I read alot of people having drop foot mostly with ALS when it starts in the limbs.
I don't seem to have drop foot as I can flex, stand on one foot, etc.

I do know from my brother's son that he just started falling down all the time.


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