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May 29, 2007
Hello everyone,
I am currently wrapping up my studies in psychology and my last course this summer is psychological research and statistics. However my main interests are neurological and pharmaceutical research. Just like every other person here i present symptoms of ALS, however i must continue with my studies and complete my research papers. Once i visited this site my curiosity and anxiety of all things got the best of me and saw a problem related to onset of symptoms and duration/location. Most literature i have read contains conflicting reports of how the onset of ALS presents itself and i have even gone as far as contacting doctors from my school who seem to agree with me. I must admit in my career as a student and a inspired learner who is very interested in the brain, i have heard ALS mentioned once and was very brief. I do understand that ALS is very sporadic in terms of how it presents itself and is often different in every patient, however statistics are very important to research and i have decided to write my paper on this subject. I know as a student i cant change the world right now but our papers are presented to a board for possible further review and sponsored research. I have never met any of you on this message board which is the best thing i could ask for because i can get straight froward replies, while talking orally can present persuasive answerers. I must first ask the community if this would be possible and find some that are willing to provide first symptoms and length of time it took to travel to a different muscle area. If you would like post your first symptoms and possibly a time line as a guide, if you feel insecure about posting message me. I believe people in this world are touched by things to either take them in a certain path and most people my age know nothing of ALS. Feel free to post comments about what you think of me selecting ALS as a paper and what you believe i should include. I am doing this to educate people in my class about ALS and try to deprive myself of some anxiety of ALS symptoms. Thanks for your time and be sure to let me know what you think!
Willing to help but explain further


Perhaps you could explain a little further exactly what you are looking for please. Wouldn't you need more detailed information, such as age of PAL, occupation, geographical location, personality traits, exposures to organophosphates, etc...?

I believe all of these stats and more would contribute in some way to the onset of symptoms and the progress thereof. Or are you merely trying to show the deviation of onset and progression in each person?

Hi Monkey. We've had a few students doing research papers on the site. My guess is that you often find people willing to share. Some might be more confortable sending you a private message, especially if you've defined a specific area you want to research. ALS can stand a lot more awareness and a lot mroe research as nobody to date has identified a cure. Every little bit helps! Cndy
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