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Jan 9, 2008
Lost a loved one
Mom's Neuroligist phoned today I was to see him for some emg's for my numb tinging cramping arms and swollen feeling tongue with difficulty swallowing. He say it's very uncommon for als to be herditary, and extremly rare when it has been originaly been diagnosed in some one over 40. Mom was 71 when she started getting symptoms. Has any one else heard this? I still will not be able to get in to my emg apointment till april. Love those looooooong waits. wonder if mom will still be with us by then. I find that worry is so unproductive, but it does pass the time! LOL:roll:
I have not heard this and certainly in my family the three ALS cases that we have had were diagnosed at 64, 39 and 56 respectively. Try not to worry too much though, it is far less likely to be hereditary than likely. Have you looked at your family history? Are there any cases that may have been wrongly diagnosed for example? Did your mother have siblings - how old are they? Do you have cousins? Siblings?
Northerngirl, are your symptoms very much real or is it a possibilty that you are worried about the possibility of als so you are experiencing symptoms. Me myself can't understand how people are not sure if they are experiencing symptoms or if they are real. For me when my arms and legs were cramping and twitching I very well new something was very wrong. I hope for you everything works out and you get an explanation for your symptoms. Northerngirl I hope it's not familial als.
thanks Mammaberger,
The doc asys something definately is going on neuologicaly, but It might be worse because of stess. I am coming less totally freacked out about it, I keep hopeing I will wake up one day and say my throat and tongue feel normal for a change and my arms don't cramp and tingle. It's been 8 weeks and nothing worse or better. But my anxiety is alot better.
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