ALS Numbness in Face

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Mar 5, 2006
I have been told that numbness is not generally a symptom of als. Does anyone else get numbness in their face or feet.

thanks, whitey
I've never heard that one either Whitey. Feet going to sleep or numb is kind of a symptom of getting old I think. Circulation is not as good as it once was but I don't ever remember reading about it as a side effect of ALS. But then I haven't read all of what is out there either. Maybe someone else has heard of it or experienced it. Input anyone?

That is a symptom of MS most of the time. I have read only a couple of stories were a person with ALS had numbness and they said it was from limbs falling asleep in the night. but then my symptoms are very strange too.

I have not heard of this with als but hyperventilation can give symptoms such as these.

At onset & a few yrs prior my legs (lap area) used to go numb also had a pins n needles type niggling pain, could of been sciatica?

It also happens when I have a period :?

But I haven't heard of facial numbness before in pals, my arms & feet sometimes get a numb, tingling feeling but I'm 99% sure its due to circulation as Al stated.


thanks for your reply. Can anyone tell me about their characteristics of their muscle twitching, this seems to be my major symptom. When it started, how did it feel, is it constant or just isolated twitches. I am trying to post this as a question for everyone, I am still trying to learn how to do this.

Your welcome, spud :-D

Righty oh, spud, to post your question on a new page is very simple (when u know how lol)

Select which forum you would like your question to be displayed on IE: General discussions about ALS/MND and then click " New thread" it's a green button to the left of the page, type your message as you did here, hey presto! you will have created a new thread.

Hope that helps some.

Jeannie xxxx

PS also private messaged you just encase u dont see this reply.
muscle twitching


Can anyone tell me their characteristics of muscle twitching. Are they constant, do they come and go, how intense. When did you start getting them in the beginning of symptoms, etc. That seems to be my major symptom. If anyone can give me iniformatin about the twitching, I would greatly appreciate any information.

You guys are great.

muscle twitches

my muscle twitches seem to be behind my upper arms and last between 5-15 seconds, mainly later in the day.

Mine are all day all night and in most muscle groups. I can't feel them but sometimes I can feel the thigh muscles move but not the smaller ones. I can see them and my thigh muscles can be seen under my clothes. Looks like a sack of worms moving around.
whitey said:
I have been told that numbness is not generally a symptom of als. Does anyone else get numbness in their face or feet.

thanks, whitey


When i first started having symptoms,, i had the tingling feeling alittle,, but then it would turn into a very cold feeling. I told the doctor that it felt like someone was holding an ice cue against my face. After a few months the feelings stopped. I dont' know if that helps you any but that was my experience.
Good luck ,, and have a great day.
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Just as an aside a friend of mine had Bell's Palsey once ( it went away after about 6 months) and he had face numbness which was his most predominant smptom.
Funny you should ask, my fascics are pretty bad today especially in the right leg. Generally though I have constant fascics throughout my body (shoulders down, plus tongue). They are not painful and would not bother me at all if I didn't know I had ALS. As it is they just constantly remind me that my neurons are degenerating.
Since my DX - I have had episodes of numbness in my face - often my chin.

It feels like I just came back from the dentist.
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